PvP Quest World

There are 5 classes in our Ultima Online world. You can choose one of these classes or remain human.

The Path of Blood (Vampires) – blood gave them unique abilities but it also made them dependant on eternal hunger. Vampires have better vitality and can easily stand against several enemies. Also, they have good attack capabilities for either close and ranged combat. They cannot use bandages and heal potions; they use potions of blood for healing. More details

The Path of Light (Paladins) – once have taken an oath to serve Good, white knights got under protection of Heaven. Paladins have increased healing capabilities, which cannot be interrupted by paralyze, also they can bandage up with a shield equipped. This makes them able to stand against several enemies. They prefer shield and one-handed blade of hammer. For healing they use all what is available for human, however bandages, heal potions and magic restores more hitpoints. More details

The Path of Might (Berserkers) – those with blood of notheren tribes in their veins feel neither fear no pain. Berserkers have unique ability to gain fury. Fury gives them ability to make more damage and become immune to paralyze spell for several seconds. There is no one as dangerous in close 1×1 combat than a furious berserker, however it is quite difficult for berserkers to fight against several enemies. Berserkers cannot use bows and crossbows; they are also limited in magic (they cannot cast spells of 7-8 circles). For healing they use everything available for human and restoration potions, which recovers stamina and few hitpoints. More details

The path of nature (Amazons) – beautiful creations of mother nature, amazons charm at first sight and dont to be able to cause any harm. However a quiver on the back and a bow in the hands make them serious opponents and unmatched long distance fighters. In close combat they are quite vulnerable because of leather armor, alhough it gives them ability to sit firmly in the saddle. For healing amazons use all available for human and moms mixture, which regenerates hitpoints. More details

The Path of Death (Necromancers) – experts in dark magic and lords of death, necromancers use unique spells, able to inspire the living with fear and raise deads. Necromancers cannot wear heavy armor and -deals with their enemies using magic. Poison doesn`t harm undead, but recovers their hitpoints. For healing necromancers use Health Stones and spell from the Book of Dead. They cannot use bandages and heal potions, heal magic wounds them. More details

Non Class (Humans) More details

Morph conditions and class character progress

To morph in 1st level you’ll need:
1k PvP-points, 3k Game time, 2 Silver Balls, 1k PvP-credits, 200k gold

To morph in 2nd level you’ll need:
5k PvP-points, 14k Game time, 1 TM point, 3k PvP-credits, 500k gold

To morph in 3d level you’ll need:
15k PvP-points, 50k Game time, 5 TM points, 7k PvP-credits, 2kk gold


Stats Cap350360360360360360
Max. str160160170190150150
Max. dex130130120120140120
Max. int13014013080100150