Shatter Crystal

  • A new item, Shatter Crystal, has been added, with which you can break any Conjured item, obtaining a certain amount of fortifying powder.
  • With the help of fortifying powder, you can strengthen any Conjured item, adding its lifespan by 1 day. To do this, click 2 times on the fortifying powder and point to the item. The cost of the enhancement depends on the item.
  • Each item can only be enhanced once. You cannot enhance useless items.
  • Shatter Crystal has 30 charges, when used, 1 charge is consumed, when the charges are depleted, the crystal disappears.
  • Shatter Crystal can be crafted with Tinkering skill (100.0), Magic Crystal (sold at Petrovich’s shop) and 20 cyclop eyes.
  • cyclop eyes drop from Cyclop and Cyclop King in Despise...
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Minor changes


  • Rogue Knight / Archimage camp leaders have an increased chance of spawning. Chance of a treasure chest spawning upon killing them has also been increased.
  • Rogue armor pieces can now drop not only in chests, but also from ordinary bandits with a small chance. The probability increases with the level of mobs, the probability from elite mobs is 4 times higher.
  • Removed anti-paralysis from level 4+ mobs. The duration of the paralysis effect depends on the level of the mob and ranges from 8 to 12 seconds.
  • Most Despise and Swamp mobs have their movement speed reduced
  • Holly Essence of paladins now also works on undead NPCs (on some – only after their next spawn).
  • The amount of gold in the Despise Treasure, Orcish Treasure and Swamp Treasure chests has been increased
  • When burning charged books of...
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Battleground rewards update

  • Now beads for BG can be worn starting from the 2nd level of the class.
  • Updated prices for beads. Conjure 7d base cost in Bronze Balls, Credits and Gold has been reduced by 4 times. The duration of Conjure can be extended up to 14 days (in 1-day increments). For each additional day, the cost in BG points and BG marks increases, but the cost in balls, credits and gold remains base regardless of the period.
  • The cost of items from the Common section has also been reduced
  • Bear mounts from BGs have been removed from sale while rating BG rewards are being reworked
  • New rewards have been added to the Common BG section in the rewards: Jewelry Box
    • Bow of Switch
    • Fire Reflector
    • 3 colors to choose from. White as Light Armor, Black as Dark Armor and Red Bloody Dye.
  • Bracele...
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Black & White

Added new PvP arena Black & White

  • The entrance to the arena opens on schedule. The battle lasts 1 hour.
  • Anyone can join the battle and get into one of the teams. You can also leave the battle at any time. While in the arena, you gain Incognito status.
  • The portal to the arena is located near the Battle Ground rating board. In order to join the battle, you need to stand on one of the teleporters on the ground.
  • If the number of players in teams is not equal, you will be immediately sent to battle in a team with fewer players. Otherwise, you need the other player to stand on the second teleport, after which you two will be sent to different teams.
  • The fight takes place in a free format, there is no specific goal for victory, there is only a time limit...
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Battle Camps

Added new PvP tournament Battle Camps.

  • You can come with your own equipment (similar to BG).
  • Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to capture the enemy camp and kill the Marshal. The game lasts 30 minutes, or until one of the Marshals is killed.
  • The portal to the event remains open for some time after the start, anyone can join the battle. However, if you joined later and your team wins, Bronze Balls will only be awarded if you hit the minimum kill count (currently 5).
  • There are two bonus capture objects in the center of the battlefield:
    • The camp wall buff makes the base walls immune to damage.
    • Buff for Marshal gives the boss regeneration.
    • The buff lasts for 1 minute. After a minute, the bonus object becomes neutral and can be recaptured.
  • The winning team will receiv...
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