Updating map files

Updating map files

  • The map files required for the game have been updated. Please install the update (you can also download the update via Orion).
  • The update includes:
    • two new dueling arenas located in Nujel’m
    • minor edits to the Battle Camps playing field (pebbles removed).
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Shatter Crystal

  • A new item, Shatter Crystal, has been added, with which you can break any Conjured item, obtaining a certain amount of fortifying powder.
  • With the help of fortifying powder, you can strengthen any Conjured item, adding its lifespan by 1 day. To do this, click 2 times on the fortifying powder and point to the item. The cost of the enhancement depends on the item.
  • Each item can only be enhanced once. You cannot enhance useless items.
  • Shatter Crystal has 30 charges, when used, 1 charge is consumed, when the charges are depleted, the crystal disappears.
  • Shatter Crystal can be crafted with Tinkering skill (100.0), Magic Crystal (sold at Petrovich’s shop) and 20 cyclop eyes.
  • cyclop eyes drop from Cyclop and Cyclop King in Despise...
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Minor changes


  • Rogue Knight / Archimage camp leaders have an increased chance of spawning. Chance of a treasure chest spawning upon killing them has also been increased.
  • Rogue armor pieces can now drop not only in chests, but also from ordinary bandits with a small chance. The probability increases with the level of mobs, the probability from elite mobs is 4 times higher.
  • Removed anti-paralysis from level 4+ mobs. The duration of the paralysis effect depends on the level of the mob and ranges from 8 to 12 seconds.
  • Most Despise and Swamp mobs have their movement speed reduced
  • Holly Essence of paladins now also works on undead NPCs (on some – only after their next spawn).
  • The amount of gold in the Despise Treasure, Orcish Treasure and Swamp Treasure chests has been increased
  • When burning charged books of...
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Battleground rewards update

  • Now beads for BG can be worn starting from the 2nd level of the class.
  • Updated prices for beads. Conjure 7d base cost in Bronze Balls, Credits and Gold has been reduced by 4 times. The duration of Conjure can be extended up to 14 days (in 1-day increments). For each additional day, the cost in BG points and BG marks increases, but the cost in balls, credits and gold remains base regardless of the period.
  • The cost of items from the Common section has also been reduced
  • Bear mounts from BGs have been removed from sale while rating BG rewards are being reworked
  • New rewards have been added to the Common BG section in the rewards: Jewelry Box
    • Bow of Switch
    • Fire Reflector
    • 3 colors to choose from. White as Light Armor, Black as Dark Armor and Red Bloody Dye.
  • Bracele...
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  • Added the following artifacts to drop of Despise mobs.
  • Troll’s Beads. The necklace, in addition to regenerating mana, like a regular Magic Amulet, also regenerates 3-5 hp every 2 seconds. In addition, it gives + 5% PvM Damage.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Knocked out of: Troll and Troll Shaman 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Might. Bracelet, gives +5 strength, + 8% PvM Defense, regenerates stamina like a regular bracelet.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Can be knocked out of: Titan and Ancient Titan 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Agility. Bracelet, gives +5 agility, + 4% PvM Damage, regenerates stamina like a regular bracelet.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Can be knocked out of: Titan and Ancient Titan 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Wisdom...
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