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Ded Moroz

  • Ded Moroz is visiting Nujel’m From December 29 2021 till January 3 2022 and everyone can get his holiday present. Happy New Year!

PvM Crystals

  • You can activate crystals using PvP credits as well as PvM pints (with 1 to 20 ratio).
  • Fixed an issue with mounts drop from crystal (they were dropped in shrink but useless after 1 ride). Now mounts are dropped as Mount Map. Having a Mount Map with you, you can activate mount spawn and tame it in case you got enough Animal Taming and Animal Lore skill. For convenience, when clicking on a mount map, you can see a notice in case you lack skill.
  • Weapon charm can be used with any weapon (except conjured), and not only with class weapon bound to the character.
  • Fixed an issue with PvP charms consuming charges when hitt...
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Happy New Year!

Dear players, on behalf of the entire PvP Quest World staff team, I would like to with you luck in all your future endeavors in the upcoming 2022. Happy New Year!

We’ve prepared a holiday update for you.

  • Snowy snowman has arrived to Nujel’m. You can find some holiday stuff in Snowy’s shop. All items are being sell for snowflakes.
  • Snowflakes can be obtained in PvP events and tournament. Also by killing monsters. See details below.
  • Snowflakes have quest item property, this means they cannot be passed to other players.
  • Snowflakes will be available in drop until the end of January 2022. However all snowflake which are left will melt once spring comes on March 1st.

Holiday shop stock

  • Santa’s / Snow Maiden’s hat (depending on character’s sex)
  • Santa’s robe / Snow Maiden’s dress (depe...
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Minor changes and fixes


  • Added .elixirs command to display elixir effects duration
  • In case of loss and in case of a tie at Battle Camps, 100% of the accumulated PvP points is given (instead of 75% previously)
  • Remorph cost reduced to 20 AP / 10 BB. Remorph is now also possible for Elite Human.
  • When you remorph a character, the distribution of Class Points and Skill Points is reset. Credits and gold spent on class abilities are also returned (does not include the abilities of Human – Extra Str / Extra Dex / Extra Int).
  • Remember, that within 12 hours after the remorph, you can turn in your class items with compensation. To do this, you need to click 2 times on the remorpher and point the target to the class item...
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Small changes for convenience

  • indestructible / linked to character newbie items can no longer be put in a bag if the bag is in your backpack (small protection against accidentally dropping Newbie items along with regs bags, etc.)
  • if things are automatically folded into the bank before the tournament, all stock things (regs, potions, armor from stones) will be deleted, everything else will be put into a “pack bag” in the bank
  • you can open the pack bag only if it is in your backpack, and the contents will be unpacked automatically
  • a new option “Refresh” has been added to Express Equip Stone – it takes old stock items and issues new equipment
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Today opens the way to adulthood, new opportunities and, of course, the discovery of third row of class traits.


  • Added Wand of Protection and Spell Chocker grade
  • Removed promotional (free) resets of skills and CP.
  • The cost of resetting skills is 10 AP.
  • The cost of resetting the CP distribution is 50k gold.
  • NPC Sunny will no longer change old coins to ancient
  • The remorph price is 25 bronze balls / 50 ap. After remorph, you will have 24 hours to sell items in the remorpher. The remorpher gives out 50% of the cost of items.
  • Trainers give out items of the 1st level only if the character morphs for the first time.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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