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Our pumpkin will transform into a magic carriage at 23:59 ASAP, and we are happy to inform you of our changes.

  • Fixed War mode, which was automatically turned on with any negative spell.
  • Fixed the swing of the first hit, which made it very difficult for all melee classes to play.
  • Added new pvm entertainment “Crystals” that spawn all over the world.
  • Added a new Morph Tournament event.
  • Added new artifacts.
  • Introduced several types of mounts from the taming table.
  • Added garlic to protect you from cunning vampires
  • Added charms for weapons that can be hung over the current enchants

For adventure lovers, a new pvm entertainment “Crystals” has been added. They can be found running around the world. Number of respawn points: 300+. There are 5 levels of crystals in total...

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Updated files for the game

  • Updated map files for the game (arena for class tournament). Please download it to everyone. Those who downloaded the update from the website or through the Orion client starting from the 28th do not need to download it again.
  • The link to the map files in a separate archive is here.

Newbie and Young

  • A character is considered a Newbie if he has less than 40 Class Points and 5000 PvP points.
  • A character is considered Young if he has less than 5000 PvP points, regardless of the number of CP.
  • Access to the Newbie Dungeon is open to all Newbie characters.
  • Added Jazzy Platemail and Jazzy Ringmail armor (light armor, bonuses similar to Leather). Armor Class 66 for platemail and 48 for ringmail...
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Small Changes


  • Added a faster and more convenient way to change character stats

Error correction

  • fixed the problem that after completing the Ogre quest, problems with maxhits could start
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Minor edits


  • Thick Lather Armor requirements reduced from 270 to 200 PvP points
  • decreased damage of pirates and bandits in Moonglow
  • changed the effect of Undead Horse. Gives +5.0 to the skill Necromancy, also with a 30% chance imposes a curse (Curse spell effect) on the enemy, when receiving weapon damage in melee.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause class passive abilities to trigger less frequently than intended.
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Hello everyone!

On October 21st, the reopening of the PvP Quest World server took place. Some changes have already taken place, and some will also happen in the near future:

  • Revamped all classes
  • Removed class levels
  • Reduced the cost of class weapons by 2 times
  • The ability to buy a class from a PvP credits exchanger has been removed.
  • Now all new players, regardless of the completion of Newby Town, are given a starter pack for a comfortable game on the server.
  • Added the ability to get the desired class for free. As a gift you will be presented with class items.
  • The rating of tournaments according to the ELO system has been added, the top of which will fight for the opportunity to win 10 and 15 thousand rubles.
  • Playtime rewards have been added and changed
  • The number of basic slots in each ...
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