Black & White

Added new PvP arena Black & White

  • The entrance to the arena opens on schedule. The battle lasts 1 hour.
  • Anyone can join the battle and get into one of the teams. You can also leave the battle at any time. While in the arena, you gain Incognito status.
  • The portal to the arena is located near the Battle Ground rating board. In order to join the battle, you need to stand on one of the teleporters on the ground.
  • If the number of players in teams is not equal, you will be immediately sent to battle in a team with fewer players. Otherwise, you need the other player to stand on the second teleport, after which you two will be sent to different teams.
  • The fight takes place in a free format, there is no specific goal for victory, there is only a time limit...
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Battle Camps

Added new PvP tournament Battle Camps.

  • You can come with your own equipment (similar to BG).
  • Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to capture the enemy camp and kill the Marshal. The game lasts 30 minutes, or until one of the Marshals is killed.
  • The portal to the event remains open for some time after the start, anyone can join the battle. However, if you joined later and your team wins, Bronze Balls will only be awarded if you hit the minimum kill count (currently 5).
  • There are two bonus capture objects in the center of the battlefield:
    • The camp wall buff makes the base walls immune to damage.
    • Buff for Marshal gives the boss regeneration.
    • The buff lasts for 1 minute. After a minute, the bonus object becomes neutral and can be recaptured.
  • The winning team will receiv...
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Small changes

  • Update Express Equip menu, now you can select number of resources from 1 to 20. Also different armor set and shield can be chosen.
  • Added Light Leather Armor
  • Support Robe now grants class robe / shroud bonus for vampire / necromancers / human mages, since it equips to the same slot as these class items.
  • despise soul gem now charges book of titan / ettin / troll / ogre / cycclop knowledge by 2%, and book of giant knowledge by 0.4%
  • despise ghosts spawn chance now depends on mob level, the higher is level the higher is the chance
  • jewely from Jewelry Box now links on eqip instead of linking on box open
  • Enchanted Bracelet regenerates stamina regardless of bonus type (previusly it did only for max stam bonus)
  • Encjanted Amulet regenerates mana regardless of bonus type

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Battle Ground

  • BG registration changed the same way as Castle Defense from the previous post. Waiting time is 10 minutes, then the event is either started or canceled. Entrance gate closes after event start.
  • .bg_exit command disabled
  • Exit via afk is punished by 12 hour penalty forbidding access to Battle Ground and Castle Defense
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Castle Defense

Castle Defense

  • Damage of explosions keg decreased by 800 hp (changed yesterday before night test)
  • Explosives also damage attacker team
  • Golem’s hp decreased by 600
  • The event entrance gate opens 5 minutes before event time and closes 5 minutes after event time. I.e. if the event is scheduled for 20:00, the gate will be open at 19:55 and closed at 20:05. So the wait time is 10 minutes. After that the event either starts or cancels in case number of registered players is less than minimum required.
  • The gate closes after event start in case of equal number of players in both teams. Or remains open otherwise to let more people join and closes when the teams are equal.


  • Changed description of Armbands of Chaos Mage artefact: Ignores Magic Reflection (mirror) of a target...
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