Reduced cost of small houses + fixes


  • the cost of small houses has been reduced to 500k gold

Errors correction

  • Fixed description of Ancient Kilt – gives dexterity buff and defense against Clumsy and Weaken. Also fixed the effect itself (did not give protection from Clumsy).
  • Fixed the problem when the tick of Poison does not get out of invis (the behavior is the same as on the old sphere)
  • Fixed a problem when receiving damage, for example, casting Magic arrow at yourself, did not took out from invis (behavior is done as on the old sphere)
  • Fixed an issue where the Magic Reflection spell did not protect against Paralyze Field
  • Fixed a problem when it was impossible to go through the NPC after drinking Total Refresh (seen only on standard client/injection)
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Town Vault Capture

Added a system for capturing vaults in battle cities. Currently in test mode. The rules are below.

  • In PvP cities (so far only in Ocllo) there is a vault that can be captured by a guild, as well as any player without a guild.
  • The entrance to the vault is closed by walls that can be destroyed. When walls are destroyed, each player who has recently attacked the walls will receive a certain amount of PvP points, provided that he is alive and nearby. The current formula is 100 / , but no more than 15 credits per person.
  • After players have broken one of the walls of the vault, they can go inside, where there are several boxes with “goods” 🙂 It’s usually gold (from 500 to 2000 gold in each box), but with a 20% chance in the box it can spawn Deed for PvP credits (from 20 to 50 credits)...
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Small changes


  • Temporarily removed the 1 PvP point limit for a kill in BG
  • Added exchange of old quest coins for Ancient Coins. To exchange, you need to go to Sunny and say “exchange”. If you have old coins in your backpack, they will be automatically replaced with new ones.
  • Before increasing a skill above 100.0 through the Skill menu, you must remove all items that give a bonus to this skill. For convenience, these skills are colored in skills menu.
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Small updates


  • The base number of guild slots has been increased by 10 at each level. Existing guilds with a maximum number of members below 20 were given a value of 20. The slot count has also been changed – 1 guild member = 1 slot.
  • Spell Choker requires 115.0 Fencing and 110.0 Tactics to use.
  • Wand of Protection requires 115.0 Magery and 110.0 Evaluating Intelligence to use.
  • Diamonds was removed from the world. Wherever they have been used, prices have been updated.
  • The following items have been removed from the world:
    • diamonds
    • heroic virtue and mystic virtue
    • old dyeing tubes
  • For the duration of the promotion (two weeks from today), the third row of Class Traits on morphs is temporarily closed. Does not apply to Human School.

Battle Rewards

  • Removed Ring of Exorcism, Forest Ribbon, and Bo...
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Technical work and promotion

Today at 18:00 the server will be shut down for maintenance. We’ll be back tomorrow night. We will inform you about the exact start time additionally.

Also, we have good news! Promotion for all players who will morph into class characters:

  • set of class items of the 1st level for free
  • an additional bonus in the form of 10 Class Points provided if the character has less than 50 CP after the old level deflation.

The promotion is valid for two weeks starting from 10/21/2021.

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