• Added the ability to remorph a character, the cost of a remorph from 1st / 2nd / 3rd level is 15/30/50 Bronze Balls or Alfa Points of your choice.
  • When you remorph, your skills will be reset with the return of SP and credits (similar to resetting through the skills menu) after the remorph, you will be given a scroll for choosing a new class. The morph to the new class will be at the level from which the remorph was made.
  • Class items cannot be returned at the moment, but you can unlink them and sell them to other players.
  • The remorpher is located near the pier in Nujel’m.


  • Updated the list of commands in the help menu, added missing commands.
  • Reworked prices, duration and multipliers in the AP menu of the gift constructor, the totals are significantly reduced...
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Minor changes and fixes

  • Now the CD for exchanging BG points for PvP points is reset to zero at midnight server time.
  • Blessing of Advance no longer drops when entering tournaments and events.
  • Blessing of Fortitude will pause when entering TM Style tournaments, and will resume after leaving the tournament.
  • Guild armor can now be selected in the Express Equip menu.
  • Added an indication when using the Detecting Hidden skill when there are no hidden characters nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where Summoning Liches in Moonglow Cemetery could teleport them under the floor.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the name of the Conjure: Dim Ring of Might scroll.
  • During the mute effect, in addition to “bank”, it is now also allowed to say: buy, sell, train, quest.
  • The system of auction houses (public vendors) has been updated:
    • you can now sell it...
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PvM Swamp Zone

  • New PvM areas populated – Swamps. There are only three zones, each with its own Champion:
    • Bog of Desolation is located northeast of Britain.
    • The Fens of the Dead is located north of Trinsic.
    • Destard Swamps – South of the Destard dungeon exit.
  • Champion is a new type of mini-boss designed for one or two players to kill. Unlike bosses, champions have lower health regen and less dangerous abilities. Although some of them can be a hassle too 😉
  • In order to summon the champion, you need to clear the swamps from the swamp monsters.
  • After the death of the champion, the CD for his challenge is hung from 2 to 5 hours (random). Unlike bosses, you cannot see the current state of CD, so you will have to clear the swamps to find out if the champion will be called.

Swamp monster...

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Revitalization of pvp zones
Now, if there are three or more people in cities and arenas, it will be announced to the whole world. If you and your company went to Occlo, for example, then people who are in other locations will find out about it 🙂

Added an automatic Prize Chest with a rabbit.

When a certain number of players are simultaneously in pvp cities and arenas, a chest will automatically appear, followed by a rabbit.

Also, we want to remind you that the conditions of the quest for pvp points at npc Nagibator have been changed. Now you need to fill only 100 pvp points in cities such as: Occlo and Vesper in order to complete the quest. The prizes for the quest have been revised (upwards): 1 quest coin, 7k gold, a chance for a bronze ball drop...

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Small Fixes

Work on bugs:

  • fixed bug with double messages “The spell fizzles” when passive spell fizzles
  • fixed a problem with displaying “Unknown Cliloc” when playing on Orion
  • fixed the problem with “jerking” the character when shooting from a bow


  • With Magery skill above 105, the chance of passive spell fizzles is reduced to zero

At the request of workers:

  • BG schedule has been changed. 2nd night game (after 23:00) postponed to an earlier time. Now the schedule is:
    • 1 game at 13:00
    • 1 game at 18:00
    • 1 game at 20:30
    • 1 game at 23:00
  • Mark Scroll drop chance significantly increased
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