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Minor changes and fixes


  • Added .elixirs command to display elixir effects duration
  • In case of loss and in case of a tie at Battle Camps, 100% of the accumulated PvP points is given (instead of 75% previously)
  • Remorph cost reduced to 20 AP / 10 BB. Remorph is now also possible for Elite Human.
  • When you remorph a character, the distribution of Class Points and Skill Points is reset. Credits and gold spent on class abilities are also returned (does not include the abilities of Human – Extra Str / Extra Dex / Extra Int).
  • Remember, that within 12 hours after the remorph, you can turn in your class items with compensation. To do this, you need to click 2 times on the remorpher and point the target to the class item...
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Low Season

  • Removed the Power Player requirement for morphing at any class level and joining the Elite Human School.
  • Power Players gain +1 PvP point for killing players.
  • Level 1 remorph cost reduced to 4 BB / 8 AP. Also removed PP requirement for remorph.
  • All accounts that have ever had an active Power Player status receive a free Power Player package until August 31, 2021. If you have PP active at the moment, the validity period will last for 104 days.

    Enjoy the game, everyone, and Happy Summer!

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