Rules of Conduct PvP Quest World

General rules:

After passing the Tournament gate you char becomes non-class Human, your stats are set to 150/100/100, all your skills over 100.0% are set to 100.0%. After leaving the Tournament you class, stats and skills are back to normal.

Passing through Tournament gate works as accept of fact, that you have your macro set, you don’t have connection issues and you ready to fight.

It’s forbidden to take part in Tournaments with more than one account. Administration has a right to disqualify all participants, who try to break this rule clause.

In some tournaments, losing players, if they want to watch the tournament, can stay in the arena in a special room as ghost.


  • It’s prohibited to use flood macros, that hide your casts.
  • Punishment for this type of violation – disqualification of a character from the tournament.

Auto-tournaments schedule

11:00Boat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat Wars
12:00Battle CampsBattle Camps
13:00Battle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle Ground
15:00Battle GroundBattle Ground
17:00Boat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat WarsBoat Wars
19:00Battle CampsCastle DefenseBattle CampsCastle DefenseBattle CampsBattle CampsBattle Camps
20:30Battle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle Ground
23:00Battle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle GroundBattle Ground

[spoiler title=”The ONE 1×1“]

The ONE 1х1

Single battle between players. The winner of the fight receives 2 Bronze Balls and leaves the arena.


[spoiler title=”The NEXT 1×1“]

The NEXT 1х1

This scheme provides for a certain number of battles. At the end of the first battle, the winner remains in the arena and fights with the next opponent, and so on until the first death of the winner. For each victory 2 Bronze Balls are awarded. (Limitation on victories: no more than 5 victories in a row, then the character leaves the tournament)


[spoiler title=”The ONE 2х2 for Power Player“]

The ONE 2х2 for Power Player

Single fight between pairs of players. Each of the winners receives 2 Bronze Balls and leaves the arena. (If during the battle only one winner of the pair remains alive, the ghost-winner is also given 2 Bronze Ball for the victory).


[spoiler title=”The NEXT 2х2 for Power Player“]

The NEXT 2х2 for Power Player

A certain number of fights between couples. A pair is not considered a loser if one of the pair’s players is killed during the battle. For each victory, players receive 2 Bronze Balls. (Limitation on wins: no more than 5 wins in a row, then the couples leave the tournament)


[spoiler title=”Grand Tournament“]

Grand Tournament

Battles take place according to the following tournament scheme:

  • The winner of the next fight advances to the next round, the loser leaves the tournament
  • After all participants have played a fight in the current round, the next round begins
  • When 5, 4 or 3 participants remain, the final begins

Final for 3 players:

  • fights are held on the principle of each with each
  • if each participant won 1 time and lost 1 time, battles are held again each with each. So until there is a participant who wins two times out of two
  • if there is a participant who has lost 2 times – he is awarded the 3rd place. If both participants have lost once, they will fight among themselves for 2nd and 3rd placesthemselves for 2nd and 3rd places

Final for 4 players:

  • 1st fight: the first 2 participants fight, the winner and the loser are determined
  • 2nd fight: the next 2 participants fight, the winner and the loser are determined
  • 3rd fight: winners fight among themselves for 1st place
  • 4th fight: losers fight among themselves for 3rd place

Final for 5 players:

  • 1st battle: the first and second participants fight, the winner and the loser are determined. The winner advances to the next round
  • 2nd battle: the third and fourth participants fight, the winner and the loser are determined. The winner advances to the next round
  • 3rd battle: participants who lost in the first two battles now fight among themselves. The loser of this fight leaves the tournament
  • 4th battle: the fifth participant fights with the winner of the 3rd battle. The loser in this battle leaves the tournament, the winner goes to the next round
  • The remaining 3 participants fight among themselves similarly to the event “Final for 3 players”


[spoiler title=”Survive Tournament“]

Survive Tournament

General description:
Survive Tournament is a survival tournament. Players come with their equipment and can only update resources by looting from killed opponents. Battles are held according to a tournament scheme between pre-formed teams in a special arena. The peculiarity of the arena is that there are areas of lava on the ground, upon stepping on which the character dies.

Classes and equipment:

  • Class characters in the tournament remain morphs and must come with their equipment
  • The use of abilities in the tournament is prohibited
  • The use of items of the Conjured category and other items obtained from mobs is prohibited. The exception is conjured crystals inserted into Human weapons
  • It is allowed to use crafted armor at the tournament, but the chance of such armor dropping during the tournament is 100%

Combat scheme:

  • There are several types of tournament: fights 2×2, 3×3, etc. The battle scheme is announced in advance in the tournament schedule. A certain level limit is set for each type of tournament. For example, if the battles are 2×2 and the level limit is 5, this means that the sum of the levels of a pair should not exceed 5. Classes of the 1st level have weight 1, 2nd level – weight 2, and so on.
  • Non-class humans, including “elite humans”, are equated to the first level of classes, i.e. have weight 1
  • Battles are held according to the Grand Tournament scheme. Those. the team that wins the next battle goes to the next round; the losing team leaves the tournament. As a result, there are from 3 to 5 teams that fight in the finals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places

Team formation:

  • Before the start of the tournament, all participants must be in teams. The team is formed as follows. The team captain with the help of Survive Assistant (red shields) creates a team and invites his teammates to it
  • Only team captains should stand on the starting portals, other participants can stand to the side. As soon as the team captain enters the battle zone, his teammates are also automatically teleported to the arena


  • It is forbidden to use obscene language, as well as insult other tournament participants
  • Rudeness, insolence to any representative of the staff. And also cheating the staff.
  • Flood is prohibited

If the rules of the tournament are violated, the GM / Sire conducting the tournament has the right to disqualify the player and put him in jail for a day. In this case, the teammates of this player will have to fight in the minority. Substitutions in the tournament are not allowed. As well as the return of the player back to the tournament is unacceptable (exception: if the player has left as a ghost and his corpse has not disappeared yet, player can be returned as ghost to the arena).

Level Sum Limit

  • For 2×2 battles – the level limit is 5
  • For 3×3 battles – the level limit is 7

Award 2×2

The award is given to the first, second and third place pairs.

  • 3rd Place – Announced by GM prior to the event
  • 2nd Place – Announced by GM prior to the event
  • 1st Place – Announced by GM prior to the event

Award 3×3

The award is given to the first, second and third place team.

  • 3rd Place – Announced by GM prior to the event
  • 2nd Place – Announced by GM prior to the event
  • 1st Place – Announced by GM prior to the event


[spoiler title=”Guild Tournament“]

Guild Tournament

General Provisions:

  • Teams assembled exclusively from members of one guild are allowed to participate. No more than one team from each guild.
  • The tournament is a three-stage competition.
  • At the end of each stage, the teams receive points according to their “finishing” position.
  • The winner of the tournament is the team with the most points in all three stages
  • Due to the large number of participants, spectators (players not participating in this stage) are not allowed to the tournament.
  • After each stage, a break of 15 minutes is announced so that the players can rest and change macros, if necessary.

Stage One: Class Characters Competition
At this stage, the team should consist of 4 players of any class. The sum of the levels of all four characters must not exceed 10. Each team must fight three battles: 4×4 (sum of lvl max 10), 3×3 (sum of lvl max 7), 2×2 (sum of lvl max 5). Battles are held alternately with different opponents. Players enter the arena in their own equipment (artifacts, quest items, colored armors and alloy shields are prohibited at this stage). The use of abilities is prohibited. Before each fight, only its participants pass to the starting tablets from the waiting room.

victory in a 4×4 battle = 8 points;
victory in a battle 3×3 = 7 points;
victory in a battle 2×2 = 6 points;

Stage two: TM style competition
At this stage, the team should consist of 4 players of any class and level. Each team must play four fights: 4×4, 3×3, 2×2, 1×1. Battles are conducted alternately with different opponents. Players enter the arena without equipment. Before each fight, only its participants pass to the starting tablets from the waiting room.

victory in a 4×4 battle = 4 points;
victory in a battle 3×3 = 4 points;
victory in a battle 2×2 = 3 points;
victory in a battle 1×1 = 2 points;

Stage Three: Battle.

At this stage, the team can consist of any number of players, of any class and level. Guilds enter the arena at different points. The guild that survives wins the stage. Players enter the arena in their own equipment; use of any artifacts, armors, etc. is allowed. Also, it is allowed to use abilities.

for defeating another team, the guild receives 8.5 points.


[spoiler title=”Quattro“]



  • The participants of the event are divided into 4 teams and fight until the moment when only one team remains alive, which wins the event.
  • At the beginning of the event, each character is given 3 lives. The total number of lives for each team is displayed at the top of the screen. After death, the character is teleported to the base and must stand on the animation tile to resurrect. In this case, 1 life is taken from him.
  • If the character has no more lives left, he will no longer be able to resurrect. He can only wait for the victory of his team or leave the event ahead of schedule.
  • The goal of the event is to reduce the lives of all three enemy teams to zero and kill all surviving enemies.

Torch of Life

  • The torch of life spawns in the center of the arena and plays an important role in the event. You can use it to light the Skulls of Extra Life at your base. The skulls are located around the animation tile. When at least 1 skull is on fire, then the character’s life is not spent upon resurrection. After the resurrection, the skull goes out and can be ignited again. Thus, using a torch, you can save the lives of your team.
  • To take the torch, you need to double-click on it, standing close enough. To light the skull, you need to approach it, holding the torch in your hands, double-click on the torch and point at the skull with your sight.
  • The torch bearer has increased vulnerability, because a torch reduces the maximum life of the bearer. If the character dies with a torch in his hands, the torch will fall to the ground and you can pick it up.
  • As soon as the torch has been used it disappears, the new torch respawns in the center of the arena and has a 15 second delay. During this time, it cannot be taken.


  • You must come to the event naked with an empty backpack. All necessary uniforms are provided. After death and resurrection during the event, your equipment will be updated. You can also collect resources (arrows, banks, reagents and bandages) from the corpses of killed opponents.

Other points:

  • The event provides for a team chat, which works similarly to the guild chat, but through the “+” symbol, i.e., + text.
  • If the torch is held in the player’s hands for more than 3 minutes, it disappears and respawns in the center of the arena.
  • If a character has lives and does not resurrect for more than 3 minutes, he will be resurrected automatically.
  • If a character is offline for more than 3 minutes, his lives are reset.
  • If you have 0 lives, you can leave the tournament ahead of schedule by going through a special exit portal in the central part of the arena.


  • All members of the winning team receive the reward
  • Survivors – 3 Bronze Balls, ghosts – 1 Bronze Ball each.


[spoiler title=”Castle Defense“]

Castle Defense

In the neighboring province, where the brother of Lord British ruled, a riot has begun! More than half of the inhabitants were angry with their Sire Scottish and stopped obeying him. They recognized Blackthorn as their ruler and decided to take revenge by conquering the castle of their former master. Scottish, having learned about the attempt, immediately informed his brother and asked for help.


  • Players are divided into two teams
  • White team: your task is to defend the castle and repel the attack of the troops that have betrayed their Sire
  • Black team: your task is to defeat the castle defenders and win your honor and glory!
  • During the entire battle, the defense team is strictly forbidden to leave the castle
  • An attack between members of the same team is prohibited
  • The event takes place in two stages

Stage 1:

  • The battle lasts until the last member of the opposing team is killed
  • At the end of the battle, only the surviving members of the winning team receive prizes.
  • After the last enemy has fallen, the team must gather on the roof of the castle to receive prizes
  • After the prizes have been issued, the start of the second stage is announced

Stage 2:

  • The fight takes place between the surviving participants on the principle of every man for himself, the task is to kill everyone and stay alive himself
  • The attack starts only after the command!
  • The winner receives an additional prize


  • At the first stage, all survivors from the winning team receive 2 Bronze Balls
  • In the second stage, the winner receives 2 Bronze Ball


[spoiler title=”Boxing“]


Two fighters enter the ring and fight to the death. In addition to standard hits, you can use special techniques that take away several points of stamina. Before the fight, it is recommended to bind the special. techniques using the say .command macro, where command is one of the following techniques:

blocks an opponent’s strike if it is delivered within a second after using the command. Requires 4 stamina points to use.

restores 30 points of health. It takes 18 stamina points to use.

allows you to evade an enemy strike if it is delivered within a second after using the command. When evade is used successfully, the enemy loses 12 stamina points. 7 points of stamina are required to use the technique.

the next hit inflicted on the enemy within a second will be more powerful than the usual one (+15 dmg). There is a chance to knock out the enemy (while causing additional damage). It takes 10 stamina points to use the move.

The battles are held according to the “The One” scheme. 2 Bronze Ball is awarded for victory


[spoiler title=”Boxing Wall vs Wall“]

Boxing Wall vs Wall

The players are divided into two teams of 25 people each and fight on a wall-to-wall basis. The battle lasts until the last player of the enemy team is killed. The equipment of the fighters includes: a magic bracelet that restores stamina, boxing pants and, of course, gloves.

Each fighter of the winning team, including ghosts, receives 1 Bronze Ball.


[spoiler title=”Football“]


The game takes place on a special football field. To dribble, you just need to run towards the ball. To hit – you need to click on the ball and target the direction of the hit. The match lasts up to 5 goals.

Team formation:
The limit of the event participants is 20 people, which are divided into 4 teams, 5 people per team. Then there are 2 matches according to The One system. First 2 teams play, then the next 2 teams, etc.

All members of the winning team receive 1 Bronze Ball.


[spoiler title=”Marathon“]


The event takes place in a separate arena, which is a running track. Groups of 4 people appears at the start. Traps will lie in wait for you on the track. Running lasts 2 laps. The task of each participant is to get ahead of the rivals and be the first to run these 2 laps. After the first runner crosses the finish line on the second lap, he receives a prize and leaves the event, while the rest of the runners from his group leave the event without a prize.

Each winner in their group receives 1 Bronze Ball.


[spoiler title=”Rat Race“]

Rat Race

The event takes place in a separate arena, which is a running track. All people start at the start line. Traps will lie in wait for you on the track. The race runs in a straight line, and there are only 2 winners. The task of each participant is to get ahead of the rivals and be the first to run the distance. After the first two runners cross the finish line, the tournament ends.

Winners receive 2 Bronze Balls.


[spoiler title=”Archers Tournament (Wall vs Wall)“]

Archers Tournament (Wall vs Wall)

Players are divided into two teams and fight “wall to wall”. The goal is to kill all archers of the opposing team. The following equipment is given out at the event: bow, 50 arrows, cloak, leather armor. The battle takes place in a special arena, in some places of which there is lava. Having stepped on the lava, the character dies, be careful!

Each fighter of the winning team, including ghosts, receives 300 PvP credits.


[spoiler title=”Battle Ground“]

Battle Ground

Battle Ground is a massive PvP event in which players are divided into 2 teams and fight for victory. When participating in the event, your character retains all his class abilities, so do not forget to grab your class items before participating. BG allows you not only to have fun, but also to earn special BG Points, which can be spent in the future. The event is held daily automatically. Anyone who wants (meets the requirements) can take part in the battle. To do this, you need to find BG Entrance – a portal located in the city of Nujel’m near the portals to PvP arenas and register on it by double-clicking on the portal or going into it. As soon as the number of players required for participation is reached, the battle will begin and you will be transferred to the battlefield. If the battle is already underway, then subject to the availability of free seats, you will immediately, without registration, enter the battlefield, passing through the portal. Various BG options are possible, below is the description of Battle Ground: Buccaneer’s Den.

When is BG held?

in the afternoonfrom 13:00
in the eveningfrom 18:00
in the eveningfrom 20:30
at night fromfrom 23:00

BG rating

  • After each game of the game, the Battle Ground rating of the players is compiled and updated. The rating can be viewed in the game using a special stand near the portal on BG, as well as on the website.
  • Twice a week (every Wednesday and Sunday), the title of Warchild is awarded to the player who takes first place in the rating. If the player who takes the first place in the top has a rating below 1000, then the title is not assigned (it is relevant after the next rating reset). The title is rolling, i.e. there can be only 1 Warchild on the server.
  • The rating is periodically reset to zero so that everyone has a chance to get to the coveted first place. The rating table is reset on the 1st and 15th of each month

On the territory of Buccaneer’s Den there are 2 bases (team of RED and BLU) and 5 objects of capture: Farm, Mine, Stable, Forge and Port. For holding each object, the team is awarded points (resources). The first team to accumulate 2000 points wins. Accordingly, the goal of the players is to capture and hold key points.

The beginning of the battle:

  • Use BG Entrance to participate in the event. After registration, you will have a corresponding inscription in the upper right corner of the screen, which confirms that you are registered on the BG. After that, you can continue to go about your business – there is no need to stand at the portal, this creates lags! As soon as the required number of players is typed, you will be transferred to the BG.
  • The character class is preserved while participating in the event. You can use class and other named things.
  • The maximum number of participants in the event is up to 50 (25 on each side)
  • All players are divided equally into the RED and BLU teams. At the same time, the system tries to take into account the level and class of characters to balance the forces on the battlefield. The BLU base is located in the northwest, the RED base in the southeast.

Fight, death, resurrection:

  • For a kill during BG, the usual PvP Credits and Points are awarded, the SP gain is also included.
  • However, for killing an enemy you get special BG Points. You also get them for capturing and protecting objects. The BG uses a new scoring system. In contrast to the usual approach – gain to everyone who attacked the player, in the new system points are given to everyone who is within the allowable radius of the killed player, regardless of whether he attacked or not. In this case, the points received are divided among all allies in the radius. The more allied players nearby, the less points each of them will receive.
  • After dying on the battlefield, you will be transported to the nearest point owned by your team. If there are no such points, you will be transferred to your base. At each capture point, as well as at the base, there is an NPC Healer who resurrects all ghosts from the team that owns the object. The resurrection can take some time, so you should just stand by the NPC and wait for the resurrection. When you find yourself alive again, you will be given the entire standard set of necessary equipment (armor, reagents, potions, and so on).

Capture and Defend:

  • Capturing objects on the battlefield is similar to capturing objects in the Guild system, but with some peculiarities. At the beginning of the game, all objects are neutral, to capture them it is enough to double-click on the object and wait for the capture process to end (you will see a countdown above the character’s head). If this process is not disrupted (for example, by an attack of another player), then the object immediately passes to the control of your team. However, this is only relevant for the beginning of the battle. If the object is under the control of the opposing team and you want to capture it, then a slightly different scheme works here – first you transfer the object to a neutral state, and then, after a few seconds (counting over the object), it goes under your control, unless the opposing team will cancel this transition process by double-clicking on the object and holding it for a short time (which, in fact, is called object protection).

Player teams:
.map – view a map of the area. The map displays the status of each of the capture objects. Gray color means that the object is neutral, red / blue means that the object is under the control of the RED / BLU team, respectively.

.bg_exit – leave BG. After using the command, your character will receive a penalty that prohibits re-participation in the event for an hour

End of the battle:

  • After one of the teams collects 2000 resources, the battle ends and all players teleport back to the city
  • At the same time, you will see the statistics of the battle, where the top players are displayed by various parameters (BG points, the number of murders, the number of deaths, etc.). To view the top for a specific parameter, click on the corresponding button next to the parameter name in the table header.
  • The winning team receives bonus BG points as well as 3 Mark of Buccaneer. Losing team gets 1 Mark of Buccaneer
  • The upper limit of accumulation of points and BG marks (“cap”) is 100k and 500, respectively
  • After the end of the battle, the BG Entrance portal closes for a break. You can keep going about your business, participate in battles in PvP arenas, etc. The portal displays the time until the next game. As soon as the portal opens for registration, you can again take part in the battle for resources!

Battle Ground rewards
You can view the list of available rewards on the BG Rewards stone, which is located near the portal to BG. This list may be periodically supplemented or changed.

All awards are divided into 4 categories:
Blessing – temporary buffs, as a rule, bought for BG points and are available only to 1st level characters and humans
Common items – items available for all characters
High-level items – items available for characters of 3+ class level, as well as for “Serpent Archer” (non-class Humans with Archery 120+). The peculiarity of items in this category is that they can be either Conjured or Rare. When buying, the player himself chooses the type of item. Conjured items have a 5-day lifespan but are much cheaper and only require glasses and BG marks. Rare items are purchased forever, but in addition to points and brands BGs may require PvP credits and / or tournament points.
Rating Rewards – items available only to a character with the rank of Warchild

Victory Reward: Bronze Ball. Bonus Bronze Ball is awarded to players who take 1-5 places, regardless of the team.


[spoiler title=”Battle Ground 2 (Serpent’s Hold Arena)”]

Battle Ground 2 (Serpent’s Hold Arena)

Players are divided into 3 teams; each team has lives.
The number of lives for teams depends on the number of players. 1 player = 5 lives.
Each of the teams has a Boss in its arsenal, which also gives lives 1 player = 5 lives.
Total for 1 fighter – the team gets 10 shared lives.
Shared lives. If a team has 10 players, then the team has 100 shared lives for all.
The minimum number of players per event is 12, the maximum is 36

There are 4 capture points at the event, 1 near each base, and 4th in the very center.

The capture of points is made similar to BG, with defaults and all the consequences

When a player dies, the team loses one of the shared lives

If a team owns 2 or more points, then it receives the following bonuses:
2 Points: For killing a player, the opposing team is deprived of 2 life, and gives 20% extra. damage to the boss.
3 Points: 3 life is subtracted and 50% extra. damage.
4 Points: 4 life is taken away and 100% extra. damage. (+ the protective barrier of the passage to the bases of other teams does not work)

They are located near every base. They have a certain number of lives: base health 1000hp + 1000hp for each player.
Each boss within a 10×10 radius has a regeneration aura that restores players all stats for 2 in 2 seconds
The boss has good physical damage.
If the boss finishes off an enemy player, then the team that he belongs to gets +5 life
The boss has one unique ability – “Living Bomb”.
When the boss dies, the team loses 50% of the lives of the current state.
Boss Ability: Living Bomb. CD 30 sec. The boss throws an item at a random enemy player and sets a timer for 30 seconds, after which the bomb explodes
The player, on whom the timer is hung, explodes, and also touches the players of his team who were within a radius of three cells.
The player with the timer can get rid of the “live bomb”. To do this, there will be a special “sapper” point at each of the bases. You need to stand on it, and the bomb is deactivated
The main thing is to have time to reach the “sapper” in 30 seconds

During Battle Ground: Serpent’s Hold, when the team has 0 lives left, ghosts can exit the battlefield using the .bg_exit command. In this case, there will be no penalty for participation. Also, upon exiting in this case, the player receives 1 BG mark for a loss.

Success Conditions: Team Survivors wins
Victory Reward: Bronze Ball. Bonus Bronze Ball is awarded to TOP 3 players from each team.


[spoiler title=”Capture the Shield“]

Capture the Shield

Capture the Shield is an event designed for a role-playing game of two teams, where you need to capture the enemy’s “banner” to get victory points. On our server, it is supposed that several teams compete in the League.

How is the CtS itself carried out?

  • The event takes place in a separate arena, which consists of two “bases”, the path from them to the center, and a certain “battleground” there. At each base there are pedestals for the respawn of the shield and tablets, where, in order to earn a point, you should stand up with an enemy shield (more on that later). In front of the entrances to each base there are two “alarm” tablets – they spam messages corresponding to the name of the enemy who stepped on them, so as not to give the disguised “chameleon” to deceive the defenders of the “base”.
  • After death, you can only resurrect at your base’s ankh.
  • Equipment is taken from two stones: players can equip themselves as archers and warriors – weapons + shield and bow + arrows. Reagents and mana potions are given to everyone, but they should be spent more economically, because new ones can be taken only either completely “undressed” – from a stone or looted from corpses.
  • Number of participants in each team: 7


  • When both shields are on one of the bases, the team earns a point. The “stolen” shield returns to the base either after the enemy earns a point by delivering it to his shield at the base, or by killing the enemy who took possession of it and then looting it.
  • The number of points required to win is set by the staff representative conducting the event.


  • Through trial and error, it turned out that without special preparation of the masses, the FFA CtS is a chaos that does not bring much pleasure from the game to either the organizer or its participants. It was decided to make a League in order to reduce the number of participants in each of the teams.

What is a league?

  • The league will be a competition of several teams, with victory points and a standing. Teams are formed in advance and cannot be reorganized until the end of one of the League series of games.
  • The presence of the full composition of teams can be achieved by pre-arranged and convenient for the players the time of their game, as well as the availability of reserve team members.
  • Teams are formed by submitting applications to @ with the names and accounts of the characters that make up the team.
  • A character enrolled in a team by a substitute player can be enrolled in another team. Please note that this is only permissible with substitutes.
  • Depending on the number of teams recruited into the League, the form of the competition is established: in groups, in a grid or according to the GT system.


[spoiler title=”Boat War. Or, you can be like a Pirate“]

Boat War. Or, you can be like a Pirate

Boat War is a team-based automatic event designed for a two-team role-playing game, where you need to destroy the opposing team in order to get victory points. At the same time, the first part of the tournament involves a battle on ships with the help of cannons and the second part – boarding, when the teams fight directly on each other’s boats.

How is the event held?

After the portal is opened on the market, you have 10 minutes to enter the starting location and wait for automatic distribution to teams. When the portal is closed, the system sets up ships and randomly generates two different teams. If the number of players is not even, the extra (random) player will be sent to the market.

Choosing a captain and defining your own role

After you are assigned to one of the teams, the system will ask you to vote for the future captain of your ship. The number of votes at the moment (from other members) will be indicated next to the nickname. You can change your vote any number of times during the preparatory 15 seconds, after which the player who will receive the maximum number of votes will become the captain.

Also, in this window, the system asks you to define your own role, which will determine what magic item you will receive at the beginning of the battle (white scroll). Please note that the role cannot be changed during combat, nor can you “transfer” your special items to other team members.

[+] Captain – this role cannot be chosen by the player independently; it is awarded if you received the maximum votes from the team members. the captains are the only players whom the helmsman listens to, so their role is to correctly steer the boat and avoid hits from the enemy team’s guns. double click on a special item in your backpack – will prompt the most popular commands for boat control.

[+] Healer – players who decided to associate themselves with the role of a healer – help the team restore its health, mana and stamina. Double clicking on the magic scroll – will fully restore the characteristics of the whole team that stands around you. Only 3 charges, so spend wisely!

[+] Sailor – (default role) master of long sea battles. This role is interesting for the ability to quickly restore your guns (repair and cool), and also allows you to charge all the guns on the ship with magic projectiles with a certain chance. if you have a smart sailor in your team, your combat power and rate of fire will increase several times compared to the other team.

How to shoot and what to do?

Each ship has 4 large cannons that you must use to fire at the enemy team. Before you shoot, you must take a cannonball in the hold of your ship, go to the cannon and double-click. If the cannon changed its color to green, it was charged with a cannonball. Now any player (or yourself) can make another double click and shoot anywhere on the screen. After a double click and a shot has been made, the cannon will turn blue, which indicates that the weapon should “cool down”. The cannon cools down from your clicks on it (pour water), the faster and more team members clicks – the faster the cannon will be ready to fire again.

Let’s see how it looks visually:

Accordingly, a short scenario of your battle:

  1. Take the coreядро
  2. Find a cannon ready to load (standard color)
  3. Double click (turns green)
  4. Double click and indicate where to shoot with the crosshair (turns blue)
  5. Click on the blue cannon N number of times, it will return to the standard color (ready to fire)
  6. Repeat in a circle until there are cannonballs in the hold

Cap, there are no more cannonballs. What to do?

It happens that the teams cannot destroy each other with cannons, the sailor does not work well or the wind interferes with aimed shooting. In this case, you must swim as close to the enemy’s boat as possible and double-click on the ladder of the enemy team (on their boat). If you are close enough to it, you will be automatically transferred to the enemy boat.

Please note that the best positions to board the boat are near the cannons.
You must get as close as possible to be able to cross.

Additional Information

  1. If you log out during the tournament, you will not lose your place on the boat and when you re-enter, you will again find yourself in the tournament. It is important to consider that during your absence – the system will consider that you are temporarily “dead”. If during your absence all team members die, the tournament will be lost (the system does not wait until you enter again).
  2. If the captain left the game during the tournament or the captain was simply killed – the role of the captain is transferred to a random live player of the team. When you re-enter – the role will not be restored, you will receive a “sailor”.
  3. White scrolls can only be used by their owners, so there is no point in exchanging them.
  4. Only the captain can control the boat, if the captain is stupid or does not want to do it – ask him to go into the logout, then the role will be redistributed.
  5. At the site of the explosion of the projectile, players receive maximum damage, and additional damage (less) is received by players within a radius of the 1st cell from the point of explosion.
  6. If you died in a tournament, you will be transferred to the market. If your team wins at the end of the tournament, you will receive prizes in your bag along with everyone at the end of the event.