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[spoiler title=”All about PvM“]

Dynamic loot system

  • Now all mobs with visible level above the NPC’s name (except Guild Capture Guards) can drop random loot.
  • Chance of drop depends of NPC’s level, elite status and Luck stat (that can be increased with some items and buffs)
  • Dynamic loot system pool will be increased regularly
  • You can get rare loot even from level 1 rat, but chance will be significantly lower than from level 5 elite mob.
  • Loot depends on NPC type: regular (melee/ranged fighter), mage, undead mage etc.
  • You can get Necromancy scrolls from any undead mages (besides old drop from Moonglow Cemetery).
  • Gold drop formula depends on NPC’s level – you can get more bonus gold from higher level NPC’s.

Типы предметов:

  • Common – Not Newbie
  • Droppable – Chance of item drop on death 10%
  • Destructable – Decreases item durability on death 1-2%
  • Conjure – Newbie, non-destructible, linkable upon opening and have a 3/5/14 days lifespan


[spoiler title=”Playtime“]

Requirements: 1000 minutes game time
Reward: 5 Skill Points (SP)
Requirements: 3000 minutes game time
Reward: 10 Skill Points (SP)
Requirements: 8000 minutes game time
Reward: 15 Skill Points (SP)
Requirements: 15000 minutes game time
Bonuses: +3.0% PvM damage, 3 colors to choose from
Reward: Senior Cape (Gray, Yellow, Blue)
Requirements: 25000 minutes game time
Bonuses: +5.0% PvM damage, 3 colors to choose from
Reward: Adept Cape (Gray, Yellow, Blue)
Requirements: 60000 minutes game time
Особенности: +7.0% PvM damage, +5% gold drop, 3 colors to choose from
Reward: Veteran Cape (Gray, Yellow, Blue)
Requirements: 100000 minutes game time
Reward: Book of Mastery. Allows to increase one of the crafting skills for +3.0%, even those that can be trained by NPC, higher than 100.0%. Consumed on use.
Requirements: 250000 minutes game time
Bonuses: +7.0% PvM damage, +5% gold drop, +10% Luck, 3 colors to choose from
Reward: Elder Cape (Gray, Yellow, Blue)


[spoiler title=”Skill System“]

  • Your character starts with 85.0% in all skills.
  • Max skill value depends on class and level, but for non-class characters max skill value is 100.0% (except Animal Taming and Animal Lore skills)
  • You can access your skills through Skills menu button on Paper doll.

Skill value progression

  • To increase your skill value, you’ll need Skill Points (SP further in text), which you can get in various ways.
  • Default way to gain SP is to kill characters in PvP. Each time you receive PvP points and credits for kill -there’s a chance that you’ll get 1 SP.
  • With increase in PvP points level, chance to gain 1 SP on kill is slightly decreases.
  • You can get 1 SP in exchange for 1 Bronze ball near Bank in Nujel’m.
  • Character with class can increase some skills over 100.0%.
  • Each character can reset all skills to 85.0%, refunding all spent SP.
  • Exceptions: Craft skills category, Animal Taming and Animal Lore.
  • Price: 10 AP
  • You can use .ap command in game, and exchange 3 Alfa Points (AP) for 1 SP.
  • Price of skill increase for 1.0% depends on its current value and costs 1 to 5 SP:
    — For skill value less than 100.0%: +1.0% = 1 SP
    — For skill values from 100.0% to 105.0%: +1.0% = 2 SP and 50 credits.
    — For skill values from 105.0% to 110.0%: +1.0% = 3 SP and 120 credits.
    — For skill values from 110.0% to 115.0%: +1.0% = 4 SP and 220 credits.
    — For skill values above 115.0%: +1.0% = 5 SP and 300 credits.

Animal Taming

  • 100.0 — 105.0: 2 SP, 50k gold
  • 105.0 — 110.0: 3 SP, 100k gold
  • 110.0 — 115.0: 4 SP, 200k gold

Animal Lore

  • 100.0 — 105.0: 2 SP, 50k gold
  • 105.0 — 110.0: 3 SP, 100k gold
  • 110.0 — 115.0: 4 SP, 200k gold


[spoiler title=”Commands“]


  • Drink Total Mana Refresh potion: .drink_mana_total
  • Drink Greater Heal potion: .drink_heal_great
  • Drink Cure potion: .drink_cure
  • Drink Invisibility potion: .drink_invis
  • Drink Total Refresh potion: .drink_refresh_total
  • Drink Mom’s Mixture potion: .drink_mm
  • Drink Restorarion potion: .drink_restor
  • Drink Blood potion: .drink_blood
  • Drink Ale potion: .drink_ale
  • Use Health Stone: .use_stone

Shields, weapons and bandages

  • Equip shield and weapon: .arm
  • Equip shield: .arm_shield
  • Equip Macefighting weapon: .arm_mace
  • Equip Fencing weapon: .arm_fence
  • Equip Swordsmanship weapon: .arm_sword
  • Equip Archery weapon: .arm_bow
  • Use bandages: .use_bandage


  • Guild chat: – text
  • Shows online guildmembers and their current location: .gc_online


  • Team chat: + text
  • Show BG map: .map
  • Leave BG: .bg_exit
  • List online members: .bg_online


  • Restore HP: .restore
  • Block punch: .block
  • Evade next punch: .evade
  • Do strong punch: .strong_punch


  • Info about abilities: .ability
  • List of owned abilities: .ability list
  • Return to Nujel’m (when char alive/dead – 30 sec/3 sec): .home
  • Combat log detail level: .detail
  • AFK mode: .afk
  • Game shop: .ap


[spoiler title=”Skill Effects“]

  • Archery — increases dmg for ranged weapons.
  • Fencing/Macefighting/Swordsmanship — Increases damage of corresponding weapons.
  • Parrying — Increases armor class (AC), lowering incoming phys. damage.
  • Tactics — If character’s Tactics skill > than current targets skill – increases damage to that target.
  • Magery — Increases magic damage.
  • Magic Resistance — Lowering magic damage.
  • Evaluating Intelligence — If character’s Eval Int skill > than current targets skill – increases damage to that target, amount of damage increase depends on difference in skill.
  • Healing — Increases amount of restored hp with bandages
  • Vampirism — Increases amount of restored hp with Blood (for Vampire class only).
  • Necromancy — Increases amount of restored hp with Health Stones. Required for Book of the Dead spells. Allows to cast Poison Field. (for Necromant class only)
  • Poisoning — Increases amount of restored hp with poisons. (for Necromant class only)
  • Anatomy — With skill value above 100.0% allows to inflict critical strikes. (skill value above 100.0% is available only for Berserkers)
  • Tracking — With skill value 100.0% and above allows to track targets with improved visual interface.
  • Arms Lore — With skill value 100.0% and above allows to identify minimal and maximal durability of item.
  • Item Identification — Allows to identify if item is Newbie
  • Animal Timing — Allows to tame unique animals
  • Animal Lore — Required to tame unique animals. Shows stats of animal on use.
  • Detecting Hidden — Radius of detection depends on your skill value, default is 8 tiles, for each 2.0% in skill radius increases for 1 tile. Chance of detection depends on your Detecting Hidden skill value and opponents Hiding skill. If Hiding skill value of opponent is higher than your Detecting Hidden skill value for 5.0% or more – chance of detection is 50%, otherwise – 100%.

All other skills are default atm.

Maximum skill values for classes 1/2/3 level




Mace Fighting105.0110.0115.0