Newbie Town

Newbie Town

Newbie Town
Every journey starts from a first step. You’ll make your first step on pier of Newbie Town, where local guide Bernard awaits. He’ll give you first quest – to familiarize with Equip Stones system. Use the “QUEST” command to communicate with the NPC. As reward you’ll receive a Spellbook, stamina regeneration bracelet and small amount of currency.

After this request he’ll ask you to help him with some wild animals, and after that you’ll be sent to Captain Warcrow.

Captain Warcrow is a representative of Britain authorities. His main objective – recruits training. He’ll ask you to bring him 3 certificates from specialists – Hopkins, Viddiks and Reyns.
After completing specialist’s assignments – return to Captain Warcrow. He’ll teach you the basics of treasure hunting. Following his instructions will bring you a new weapon.

For next step of your journey, you should return to Bernard. He’ll ask you to scout shoreline, find intruders and identify their intentions.

Pay attention to Chieftain’s Safe, The Cookbook and Cauldron.

You’ll need to find reagents for one of the recipes from the Cookbook – Chieftain Stew. Find reagents on intruders and add them to Cauldron in the specified order. These steps will help you to identify intentions of intruders. If you have any difficulties opening the Safe – check Newbie Town for hints.

On fulfillment of conditions – return to Bernard.

He’ll give you a hint about invader’s leader – Skooge, and will provide you a key to his house. You’ll need to investigate Skooge’s house and solve the puzzle. When you’ll find all required data – return to Bernard. He’ll give you a reward and will offer to leave Newbie Town, to continue your journey in Big World.
In newbie town you’ll have an opportunity to receive different artifacts. Reward for completion of quest chain is +15 SP book and PP status for 3 days.