• Added the following artifacts to drop of Despise mobs.
  • Troll’s Beads. The necklace, in addition to regenerating mana, like a regular Magic Amulet, also regenerates 3-5 hp every 2 seconds. In addition, it gives + 5% PvM Damage.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Knocked out of: Troll and Troll Shaman 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Might. Bracelet, gives +5 strength, + 8% PvM Defense, regenerates stamina like a regular bracelet.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Can be knocked out of: Titan and Ancient Titan 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Agility. Bracelet, gives +5 agility, + 4% PvM Damage, regenerates stamina like a regular bracelet.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Can be knocked out of: Titan and Ancient Titan 3-5 levels.
  • Strap of Wisdom. Bracelet, gives +5 intelligence, + 4% PvM Damage, regenerates stamina like a regular bracelet.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Can be knocked out of: Titan and Ancient Titan 3-5 levels.
  • Giant’s Barrier. Shield, protection class 50. Gives +10 PvM Defense, +20 maxhits.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Knockout from: Ettin and Ettin Lord Level 3-5.
  • Ogre’s Fist. Gloves, type Leather, protection class equal to Composite, give +5 strength, +10 PvM P.Crit.
    Properties: Droppable, destructable.
    Droppable from: Ogre and Ogre Lord Level 3-5.
  • The drop chance of these items depends on the level of the monster. The chance is 4 times higher for mobs with elite status.
  • The formula for the appearance of Despice ghosts, depending on the level of the monster, has been revised, now it is from 10 to 30%. The probability to spawn ghost after killing an elite monster is 2 times higher.
  • Cyclops eye drop chance is doubled.


  • Added a new PvM location – Destard.
  • Features of this location:
    • there are no bosses, but every monster can drop good loot
    • all artifacts that drop in this location are not newbie, destructible
    • at the moment, the only place where you can find artifacts of the Ancient quality
    • you can find check for PvP credits in drop, as well as a small chance – Bronze Ball
    • gold drop rate is + 25%, from Wyrm + 40%
  • A travel point has been added to the Travel Stone to Destard, which is located in some distance south of the entrance to the dungeon.
  • The entrance to the dungeon is temporarily closed for internal tests and will be open at 17:30 today.
  • List of monsters:
  • Elder Gazer. Special ability: immunity to Paralyze, NPC mage.
  • Destard Serpent. Special ability: immunity to Paralyze.
  • Small Black Dragon. Special ability: periodically uses fire breath, inflicts quick strikes in melee. Increased passive stamina regeneration.
  • Black Dragon. Special ability: periodically uses fire breath, high melee damage. Increased passive stamina regeneration.
  • Wyrm. Special ability: periodically uses fire breath, high melee damage, has an increased health reserve, NPC magician. Increased passive stamina regeneration.

Destard artifacts

  • Master’s Feed. Sash, gives +5.0 Macefighting, Swordsmanship, Fencing, Archery.
  • Dark Matter. Sash, gives +5.0 Magery, Evaluating Intelligence.
  • Ninja Apron. Apron, gives 10% dodge from hits.
  • Cobra Skin. Apron, gives immunity to poison, as well as a 10% chance to reflect spells.
  • Canopy of Trust. Apron (long), the character does not miss when using melee weapons and bows / crossbows. Also – a 15% chance to stun an NPC on hit for 3 seconds. The stunned NPC cannot move, attack or cast spells.
  • Knight’s Seal. Ring, gives +10 tactics. If on a paladin – additionally gives the effect of a class ring.
  • Wanderer’s Rags. Rob, gives +7.0 Magic Resistance, +10 Detecting Hidden.
  • Hunter’s Boots. Boots, give + 20% PvM Damage.
  • Hunter’s Clips. Earrings give + 10% PvM Damage, + 10% PvM Defense
  • Valhalla. Ring, 15% on hit with a weapon / 10% on a bow shot cast Lightning.оружием / 10% при выстреле из лука произнести заклинание Lightning.
  • Ring of Archmage. Ring, gives +5 Magery, 40% PvM M.Crit.
  • Earrings of Excellence. Earrings, give +10 strength, +10 dexterity, +10 intelligence.
  • Book of Eruption. Book, enhances fire magic by 25%.
  • Shield of Confidence. Round shield, protection class 50, gives a 30% chance to dodge/parry arrows, when pressed twice, casts the spell Invisibility, CD 1 minute.
  • Wyrm’s Skin. The cloak, can be 1 of three colors, gives +10 intelligence, +10 dexterity, reduces magic damage by 15%.
  • Dragon Slayer. One-handed sword, base of speed and damage is a paladin’s sword of level 3. Has 50 charges, when hitting dragons, deals 500% damage and uses 1 charge. When all charges are depleted, it disappears.дов исчезает.
  • Vestment of Forsaken. Death Shroud, gives +15 strength, agility, intelligence. Also reflects magic that reduces the characteristics of the character (Curse, Feeblemind, Weaken, Clumsy). Replaces the effect of the Necromancer Class Robe and Vampire Shroud.в.
  • Devil’s Contract. The ring, upon death, takes the character to a safe place along with the corpse and resurrects after 1s. Does not work during tournaments (Survive, BG, etc.). Disappears when triggered. If on a paladin – additionally gives the effect of a class ring.
  • Ring of Execution. Ring, gives a 15% chance on hit with a weapon / 10% chance on a bow shot to cast the spell Dispel. It also gives a 50% chance to ignore The Devil’s Contract, after triggering the ring disappears. If on a paladin – additionally gives the effect of a class ring.
  • Wyrm’s Heart. Reagent needed to make Elemental Fire.
  • In addition, in the Destard dungeon there is a chance find checks for PvP credits (from 1 to 30 credits), Newbie checks, are linked when looted. And also, Bronze Ball (rare drop).

Item Identification

  • At 100.0 skill Item Identification, you can see the basic characteristics of the item, such as Armor Class and Durability, damage (for weapons), whether the item is newbie / droppable, destructible, etc.

Elemental Fire

  • Added the ability to charge vampire crossbows with Elemental Fire (whoever has the old Elemental fire from the drop, you can leave it as a trophy).
  • Elemental Fire can be crafted using the Tinkering skill (98.0+), to craft you need 1 Wyrm’s Heart and 1 Magic Crystal.
  • When using Elemental Fire, the crossbow charges 250 critical hits. 1 charge is removed when a critical effect is triggered on a player. When attacking an NPC, 1 charge is removed after 10 critical hits.
  • When the critical effect of the target is triggered, additional damage is inflicted + 15%, and there is also a fire that inflicts 13-20hp 2-3 times every second.
  • The crossbow can be recharged, even when the charges are still running out, but provided that the current number of charges is <= 750.


  • Charged Bloody Sickle and Sting of Pain puts the victim in a small stun and deals damage when pulled.
  • Bloody Hand and Hand of Pain range increased by 2 tiles. Crossbow speed increased. The optimal shooting distance is 6-8 tiles.
  • Clarification on the Shatter Crystal from the previous news: it is possible to break Conjured items (including those that have expired). If the item has expired, then you get 50% of the possible amount of fortifying powder. You can also break Common and Rare items (except for crafted items), in this case the amount of fortifying powder is equal to half of the current durability of the item.
  • Each piece of Rogue Armor grants a + 2% PvM Damage bonus when equipped
  • The probability of dropping Dad’s Wristwatch on the “Daddy’s Watch” quest has been increased.
  • Adjusted prices in the PvM reward exchanger.
  • Normal monsters’ full immunity to Paralyze Field has been replaced with a resist chance based on the monster’s level.