Happy New Year!

Dear players, on behalf of the entire PvP Quest World staff team, I would like to with you luck in all your future endeavors in the upcoming 2022. Happy New Year!

We’ve prepared a holiday update for you.

  • Snowy snowman has arrived to Nujel’m. You can find some holiday stuff in Snowy’s shop. All items are being sell for snowflakes.
  • Snowflakes can be obtained in PvP events and tournament. Also by killing monsters. See details below.
  • Snowflakes have quest item property, this means they cannot be passed to other players.
  • Snowflakes will be available in drop until the end of January 2022. However all snowflake which are left will melt once spring comes on March 1st.

Holiday shop stock

  • Santa’s / Snow Maiden’s hat (depending on character’s sex)
  • Santa’s robe / Snow Maiden’s dress (depending on character’s sex)
  • Santa’s / Snow Maiden’s boots (depending on character’s sex)
  • Weapon skin: Candycane Staff
  • Snow Protector shield, gives 50 AC
  • Rideable snow oclock
  • Special for 2022, rideable blue tiger!
  • Various home decor (hurry up to set a small new year tree at your backyard!)
  • Also different fun stuff – bombs, petards, and a musical instrument
  • See detailed description of new items in the game at Snowy’s shop

Holiday CTS (old-new PvP event)

  • CTS will be added to our regular event schedule during new year holidays. A battle between two teams to be the first to decorate their new year tree.
  • The event rules are similar to classic CTS, but instead of shield you will need to steal decoration from enemy’s base and get it to the new tree at your base. The battle ends once 5 scores are gained by a team.

Where you can get the snowflakes

  • By killing other players with 10% chance you’ll get 1 snowflake
  • In monster’s loot with some chance. The higher hits a monster has, the higher chance of the drop is
  • By killing bosses, from 20 to 30 snowflakes in boss loot with 100% chance
  • By killing Yeti, 1 snowflake with 100% chance. You may face a Yeti in all key PvM and PvP locations
  • By completing daily quests, you’ll get a snowflake each time you gain ancient coins
  • In crates of Ocllo Vault with some chance
  • 10 snowflakes for each vicrory in The One and The Next tournaments
  • 10 snowflakes for each victory in 2×2/3×3 class tournaments
  • Battle Ground – 30 for win, 10 for loss
  • Battle Camps – 30 for win, 10 for loss, 20 for tie
  • Castle Defense -30 for win, 10 for loss
  • Boat Wars – 10 for win regardless of dead or alive
  • Quattro — 30 for win, 10 for loss
  • Holiday CTS — 50 for win, 20 for loss
  • Maraphon – 10 for win
  • All other events (archers tournament, boxing etc) — 10 for win, 6 for loss

Client files update

  • Added new hues, items etc. Some of it is need for Snowy’s shop, some will be added in upcoming content updates
  • We strongly recommend updating client files via Orion or by downloading from the web site

Enjoy the game! By the way, we’ll have some other updates coming during January, stay tuned.