List of changes of the October update

Hello everyone! Below is the list of changes for the next update.

Ranked tournaments

  • The Next and The One tournament now use the ELO rating system. At the end of November, we will hold a Grand Tournament among players with high ratings. The main prize is 10,000 rubles.
  • There will also be a similar GT for morphs, the main prize of 15,000 rubles.

Elite Human School

  • We made a complete revamp of the Human School system. Now the School of Magic and the Military Academy are merged into one School, you yourself can choose how to develop your hero.
  • Entry to the Human School is free, just go to one of the trainers and say “join”. After the introduction, the section “Class Traits” in the Help menu becomes available to you.
  • Three branches of passive skills (Class Traits) are available to you: Strength, Magic and Survival. Each branch has three groups of skills (top-down), skills in the first group require 1 CP per point to learn, in the second – 2 CP. The third group becomes available after you have invested 60+ points in this thread. The cost of skills of the third group is 5 CP.
  • The maximum limit of Class Points available to Human for distribution is 135.
  • For a small fee in the form of gold, Class Traits can be reset at any time and CP redistributed again.
  • All Humans will be deflated with partial compensation. Credits and SP spent on improving skills in the School of Magic or the Military Academy are refunded. Also awarded 10/20/30 CP for 1st / 2nd / 3rd rank, respectively.
  • Tunics and shields of warriors, hats and robes of magicians will be removed from the world, with a return of 50% of spent credits and gold.

Class System

  • Reduced the cost of class items by 2 times
  • Introduced a system of passive skills for classes (Class Traits). In general, the concept is similar to that used in humans, but there are several important differences.
  • Each class has one branch of development, in which there are three groups of skills (from top to bottom). Skills of the first group cost 1 CP, the second – 2 CP, and the third – 3 CP.
  • The set of skills in the first group is equivalent to the 3rd level class in the old system. To upgrade all skills of the first group, 53-60 CP is required.
  • What’s the point? As it was before – you save up for a morph for a long time, morph and get an increased cap of skills and other goodies. As now – you decide what to raise in the first place and gradually develop your hero. The aggregate of skills of the first group is equivalent to the 3rd level class in the old system. To upgrade all skills of the first group, 53-60 CP is required.
  • An important point, in the new system, raising a character to an analogue of level 3 has become several times cheaper and more accessible.
  • Unlike humans, classes, as a rule, have skills in the 2nd and 3rd groups that do not provide such significant bonuses. The gap between a full 3 in the old system and a character with fully rised skills is not so huge.
  • Note, in the second group there are 4 passive skills, but you can only choose two. Skills go in pairs, choosing one, you cannot pick the alternative associated with it.
  • For a small fee in the form of gold, Class Traits can be reset at any time and CP redistributed again.
  • All class will be deflated with CP compensation. For 1 lvl 15 CP is issued, for the second – 30 CP, for the third – 50 CP.
  • Also, all class items that are on the character are removed with a 50% refund of credits and gold (in fact, with a full refund at new prices). It also resets class abilities with full compensation.
  • Added 1 new ability to each class.
  • Added a new necro spell, Corpse Skin, which adds a debuff that increases incoming fire and poison damage by 10%. It can be removed with Cure and Arch Cure, or fades itself over time. The Corpse Skin scroll can be found in the Death Knight Xaloth loot and the Death Priest Immaril loot, but with a lower chance.

Class Points

  • Class Points can be purchased from the PvP Credit Exchanger Class Menu at Nujel’m. You can buy CP with bronze balls or PvP credits or gold of your choice.


  • Added runebooks. Standard runbooks have 250 charges. When the charges run out, you can charge it by double clicking on the book for 25k gold.
  • Runebook can be bought at Petrovich’s store


  • New types of dyes have been introduced: for hair and beard, for a backpack, for clothes, for a shield, for a runebook, for a mount. You can dye any object of this type with the appropriate type of paint.
  • Paints can be obtained from loot, as well as purchased in some exchangers, for example, for quest coins.
  • Old dyeing tubes will be removed from the world.

Death knight Xaloth

  • Added a new boss – a knight necromancer with a set of new unique loot.
  • The boss spawns at one of the cemeteries randomly every few hours with an alert to the whole world.
  • We will tell you more about it later.

Quest Coin Shop

  • The assortment of goods in the Sunny store has been updated.
  • Added new types of enchants, elixirs and paints. You can view the description of items in the game.

Play Time Rewards

  • Added new rewards for playing time. We will tell you more about it later.


  • Removed automatic karma change. Karma no longer decreases after a week.
  • PP is not required for dyeing hair and beard
  • Recall base casting time increased to 6 seconds. The penalty for casting Recall from dungeons has been reduced from x4 to x3 (thus it is 18 seconds). Recall using the Runebook has a similar time (except for the improved Runebook).
  • Blank runes are now sold from mage shop vendors. Runes have been reduced in price. Also, runes have been removed from monster loot.
  • Heroic Virtue and Mystic Virtue have been removed from sale and monster loot. Spell Choker and Wand of Protection are now charged with fortifying powder
  • Re-morphing from a class now also resets compensated class abilities
  • Morph deed is no longer issued when using a remorfer. Instead, passive skills are reset with the return of Class Points. You can morph into another class and allocate CP.
  • Removed the Diamonds exchanger and the Diamonds themselves from the world.
  • Moved Holy Essence Bottles to PvP Credits Exchanger Consumables
  • Guildstone deed price reduced to 250k gold. Deed is now on sale in Petrovich’s shop.
  • Moved Gender Swap to Petrovich’s store.

Updating the files for the game

  • To display some new items and dialogs, you need to download the update files from the website. The update is “heavy”, I recommend that you do it in advance.

And also, many other changes that we will talk about a little later. We will have time to add something in the next update, the rest will appear in the next days after. Among the major ones:

  • updated treasure map system and skill Cartography
  • Guild Challenge event
  • updated city capture system
  • mining and BS with a set of craft armor
  • automatic 1×1 and Wall vs Wall tournaments for class characters

    and much more