List of major changes at the start


  • All players start in Newbie Town, more details in discord
  • Guild system updates, more on discord
  • Added the Express Equip stone, which allows you to customize your outfit and dress at the touch of a button.
  • Added Travel Stone. Travel to Newbie Dungeon and Market (Nujel’m). Gold is required to travel to other cities and dungeons.
  • At the moment, there are two cities available: Trinsic and Britain, we will gradually populate and add new points of interest in the surrounding territories.
  • The system of treasure maps and maps of rare mounts has been implemented.


  • Updated mount system. All mounts are divided into 2 types. Both types have a limited number of charges that can be removed when dismounted.
    • the first initial type (a.k.a “newbie mounts”) – you can be knocked out of the saddle, while you can re-summon the animal after 7 seconds.
    • the second, rarer type (a.k.a “ethernal mounts”) – you cannot be knocked out by the saddles, but it still takes 1 charge off the mount.
  • The maximum number of charges depends on the type of living creature. Charges on living creatures can be refreshed with the special food “Mount Recharger”, while the maximum number of charges is gradually reduced.
  • In order to tame new animals, the skill Animal Taming and Animal Lore are required. The table of animals can be viewed in discord.
  • After taming, the living creature can be immediately saddled (in this case, it will be linked to the owner), or you can use the Shrink potion to leave it unattached.
  • Fixed an ancient bug with periodic disappearance of animals from players after server restart.


  • Added a new location Battle Ground – Serpent’s Hold. The rules of the game differ from Buccaneer’s Den, see discord. Points and rating are common in both arenas. Each time the portal is opened on a schedule at the Battle Ground, one of the two arenas will be randomly selected. For the new arena, the map was changed, we strongly recommend downloading the package of files from our website.
  • 1 Bronze Ball is also awarded for winning the Battle Ground. The top 5 players receive an additional +1 Bronze Ball at the end of each battle.
  • Added a new Boat Wars event, more on discord.


  • Added daily quest “Finding Frank”. Details in discord.
  • Added daily PvP quest “Into battle”. Look for the NPC Nagibator in Nujel’m for details.

Power Player

  • The Power Player package gives you the ability to morph into class level 2+, a bonus 10% more gold from all monsters, the ability to dye your hair in rare colors (using the Dying tub about which below), and also take part in events for PP.


  • Added a drop of gold to all monsters that have a level above their name, as well as to bosses.
  • Included fame gain from monsters
  • The system of dynamic spawn time of mobs, depending on the number of players in the dungeon, has been implemented. Works in all dungeons.
  • Added newbie dungeon, more in discord


  • Changed the exchange rate in the exchanger 1 Silver Ball = 15 Bronze Balls
  • Karma Up / Down cost changed to 3 Bronze Balls per 1k Karma
  • Once a week, karma automatically drops by 1k (increases or decreases), but not lower than 5000 / not higher than -5000.
  • Global update of all prices.
  • The time for the disappearance of the corpses of players in PvP and PvM zones has been increased to 3 and 5 minutes, respectively. Increased the disappearance time of NPC corpses to 15 minutes
  • A small balance of mobs on the quest Destroy them! (Cove Orcs) and something else for Ogre for a snack 🙂
  • One-handed weapons do not drop from the hands when using Restoration for berserkers of level 2 and above.
  • Removed from sale PP hair dye
  • Added a new drop for mobs – Dying tub with rare flowers. Can be used by hairdresser to dye hair and bags.
  • TM Point, Silver Ball, Bronze Ball now stack. Requires updated files from the site.
  • Light / Dark armor and weapons are available to equip again in the Armor / Weapon Stone
  • Reworked the protection value of all armor.
  • Keep and Castle are on sale for the architect. Unlike all previous buildings, in addition to a limited number of guests (10), all guildmates of the owner of the house have the right to enter
  • Tools that are sold in the Tools Shop (Petrovich in Nujel’m and his brothers in other cities) are no longer newbie.
  • Instead of full spellbook, pvp spellbook is now displayed at the start. Same full spellbook, only removed some spells. Those that were already turned off for players (except for the poison field for Necromancers, which is now looted from monsters). Some of the unavailable spells will be introduced to the game later.
  • Updated the logout teleport system.
    • In PvP arenas, teleports 25 seconds after logout, guests immediately (as before)
    • In dungeons, teleports after 1 minute (both living and guests)
    • In Newbie Town and the open world, the character remains in the logout location.
  • The Playtime Rewards section is temporarily closed (for rework)
  • Temporarily closed TM section of titles and items (for rework)