Minor changes and fixes


  • Added .elixirs command to display elixir effects duration
  • In case of loss and in case of a tie at Battle Camps, 100% of the accumulated PvP points is given (instead of 75% previously)
  • Remorph cost reduced to 20 AP / 10 BB. Remorph is now also possible for Elite Human.
  • When you remorph a character, the distribution of Class Points and Skill Points is reset. Credits and gold spent on class abilities are also returned (does not include the abilities of Human – Extra Str / Extra Dex / Extra Int).
  • Remember, that within 12 hours after the remorph, you can turn in your class items with compensation. To do this, you need to click 2 times on the remorpher and point the target to the class item. As compensation, 85% of credits and gold spent on the purchase of item (including the upgrade) are returned.
  • Adjusted the formula for calculating the stealth step bonus given by the Shadow vampire passive.
  • Here’s how stealth works:
    • The basic formula for calculating the number of steps is random from A to B, where A = 1, B = (5 + ( – 85)). That is, with 100.0 skill Stealth this is from 1 to 20 steps.
    • each step in running state count as 2 steps (only relevant with the Shadow passive, since for everyone else, when running, the character leaves the hidden state)
    • Shadow passive increases the base B value from 5 to (5 + ) and also increases the A value to 5 + . In total, with 100.0 Stealth skill and 5 points invested in Shadow, the vampire gets a random from 10 to 25 steps at a slow pace and 2 times less when running.
  • The schedule of auto tournaments has been changed; you can see it in the events section.

Error correction

  • Fixed issue with max hits drops (Fitness passive) after TM Style tournaments
  • Fixed an issue where Poison Field poisoning would subside after 1 tick
  • Fixed the effect of the spell Mana Vampire
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to dig on a quest in Newbie Town