Minor changes


  • Rogue Knight / Archimage camp leaders have an increased chance of spawning. Chance of a treasure chest spawning upon killing them has also been increased.
  • Rogue armor pieces can now drop not only in chests, but also from ordinary bandits with a small chance. The probability increases with the level of mobs, the probability from elite mobs is 4 times higher.
  • Removed anti-paralysis from level 4+ mobs. The duration of the paralysis effect depends on the level of the mob and ranges from 8 to 12 seconds.
  • Most Despise and Swamp mobs have their movement speed reduced
  • Holly Essence of paladins now also works on undead NPCs (on some – only after their next spawn).
  • The amount of gold in the Despise Treasure, Orcish Treasure and Swamp Treasure chests has been increased
  • When burning charged books of knowledge of despise, if the chest spawns, there is a chance that, in addition to gold, there will be a Book of Knowledge for +1.0 auxiliary skill (Hiding, Stealth, Tracking, Wrestling)
  • Increased the chance of undead’s blood drop required for crafting a vampire hook upgrade. Also, the cost of purchasing this reagent from vendors has been reduced.
  • Removed the requirement to pay PvM points to enter Despise
  • Upon entering the Despise dungeon, you will be greeted by an NPC, from whom you can buy temporary PvM buffs for PvM points or gold. You can have no more than two buffs at a time. The first buff is bought for PvM points, for the second you will have to pay in gold.
  • PvM buffs work only in dungeons, the duration is 1 hour. They fall off upon death. Deactivated upon exiting the dungeon and activated upon entering back, if the duration has not yet expired.
  • You can view the list of active buffs and their duration using the .blessing command


  • Reduced damage to armor from weapons of the Macefighting class (now it is equal to the rest, it was 2 times higher). Damage is 5% of the damage dealt to the character by another player. The probability of damage remains unchanged.
  • NPCs damage armor for about 2% of the damage (in most cases, this is 1 hp). NPCs are much less likely to damage armor than players.
  • Increased durability of Rogue Armor, Lizard Armor, and Lizard Shell. Relevant only for those knocked out after the update.
  • Hunter’s Bow, Giant’s Bow: when shooting close-up, a penalty is applied like other bows, in other cases without changes (shoots as from the optimal distance).
  • Spider Bow critical hit chance increased
  • Added the ability to change Chaos Karma to Order and back again for 3 Bronze Balls.
  • The number of charges for the rune mark has been increased from 10 to 100.
  • Young’s Bow speed increased.
  • Added the ability to sell stackable items at the auction. For example, Mark / Recall scrolls, Heroic / Mystic virtue, Bronze Balls, etc.