Prevention and testing

Hello everyone, dear players! First, thanks to everyone who waits and believes.

Secondly, after a long break, our team returned to active work on the server.

The first step is to update the Sphere version for the technical test behavior. The current online allows us to do this as painlessly as possible. Before the update, a backup will be made and, if critical problems are found in the first 2-3 days, a rollback is possible, although, I hope, we will do without it.

Within a few days, a test will be carried out on the behavior of the new sphere. I will be grateful to everyone who will take part in the tests. Come to evening brews and tournaments. It is enough to play as usual, notice possible bugs, glitches, oddities and report them in the “test-feedback” section of our Discord channel, or in a personal message in case there are doubts about whether it is worth telling publicly. Anyone who reports 3 or more problems is entitled to a small commemorative prize – a unique trinket that will be given out only now and never again.


reported problems only go to the bank if I replied to your message with confirmation that it is a problem. If answered that this is expected behavior, the report will not count.
the prize is a personal named throne that can be placed anywhere, only your character can sit on the throne, it can be put into a backpack, the thrown throne is returned to the owner’s bank after a certain time.
Within half an hour, the server will be turned off for a little maintenance, we will inform you about the end additionally.

P.S. We are also looking for an assistant for working on scripts. For all questions regarding the vacancy of a scriptwriter, please contact me in a personal discord