Small changes

  • Update Express Equip menu, now you can select number of resources from 1 to 20. Also different armor set and shield can be chosen.
  • Added Light Leather Armor
  • Support Robe now grants class robe / shroud bonus for vampire / necromancers / human mages, since it equips to the same slot as these class items.
  • despise soul gem now charges book of titan / ettin / troll / ogre / cycclop knowledge by 2%, and book of giant knowledge by 0.4%
  • despise ghosts spawn chance now depends on mob level, the higher is level the higher is the chance
  • jewely from Jewelry Box now links on eqip instead of linking on box open
  • Enchanted Bracelet regenerates stamina regardless of bonus type (previusly it did only for max stam bonus)
  • Encjanted Amulet regenerates mana regardless of bonus type