Small updates


  • The base number of guild slots has been increased by 10 at each level. Existing guilds with a maximum number of members below 20 were given a value of 20. The slot count has also been changed – 1 guild member = 1 slot.
  • Spell Choker requires 115.0 Fencing and 110.0 Tactics to use.
  • Wand of Protection requires 115.0 Magery and 110.0 Evaluating Intelligence to use.
  • Diamonds was removed from the world. Wherever they have been used, prices have been updated.
  • The following items have been removed from the world:
    • diamonds
    • heroic virtue and mystic virtue
    • old dyeing tubes
  • For the duration of the promotion (two weeks from today), the third row of Class Traits on morphs is temporarily closed. Does not apply to Human School.

Battle Rewards

  • Removed Ring of Exorcism, Forest Ribbon, and Bow of Switch from the list of rewards
  • Removed low-level rewards
  • Battle Marks are now awarded instead of BG Marks for participating in the Battle Ground. Battle Marks are also awarded for participating in Battle Camps and Castle Defense events. 2 for a win, 1 for a defeat.
  • All characters have BG marks and BG points removed
  • The prices in the BG prizes exchanger have been changed from BG Marks to Battle Marks.
  • BG points are now used only for calculating BG rating and are not required for purchase.
  • Added a section with dyes
  • Upon purchase, one of five colors is issued at random. The colors can be seen below. From top to bottom: pure black, just white, red sun, deep azure, coffee sunset.

Updating files

  • small update tiledata.mul, please download it. Either a full update from files, or if you already downloaded it yesterday, then only tiledata.mul using this link.