Town Vault Capture

Added a system for capturing vaults in battle cities. Currently in test mode. The rules are below.

  • In PvP cities (so far only in Ocllo) there is a vault that can be captured by a guild, as well as any player without a guild.
  • The entrance to the vault is closed by walls that can be destroyed. When walls are destroyed, each player who has recently attacked the walls will receive a certain amount of PvP points, provided that he is alive and nearby. The current formula is 100 / , but no more than 15 credits per person.
  • After players have broken one of the walls of the vault, they can go inside, where there are several boxes with “goods” 🙂 It’s usually gold (from 500 to 2000 gold in each box), but with a 20% chance in the box it can spawn Deed for PvP credits (from 20 to 50 credits).
  • Also, in the vault there is a ball of control, which can be captured by any player or guild, if they do not already own this vault.
  • To capture the ball, you need to click on it twice and hold out for 90 seconds. The capture progress is lost when the player dies, but it is not lost when taking damage. Also, the capture is lost if you move too far from the ball.
  • When capturing a ball, a certain number of PvP points are awarded. If a player without a guild captures, this value is 25. If player in a guild, then the number of points = 100 / , but not more than 25 credits per person.
  • After capturing the ball, the walls of the vault are closed and the vault is locked for 30 minutes.
  • As long as the vaults are locked, the walls of the vault cannot be destroyed.
  • After 30 minutes, the vault is again available for capture, while the owner of the vault is charged a certain amount of gold. 1000 gold if owned by a player. In case the guild owns, then 5000 gold, which are credited to the guild’s bank.
  • If the vault is held, similar amounts are charged every half hour.


  • I draw your attention to the fact that PvP credits deeds are not Newby.
  • when killing a player who has gold or a deed for credits in the backpack, there will be an indication (!), similar to the drop of rare items in loot
  • the numbers given above (the amount of gold, etc.) are for the first time and may change in the future with the addition of other storages