Updated Castle Defense Tournament

Updated Castle Defense Tournament

  • The event has been completely redesigned. The goal of the game remains the same – the attackers must capture the castle, and the defenders must defend it until the game time is over. But new game elements have been added (see below).
  • The tournament is held in TM style (come without clothes).
  • At the moment, the event is being held in test mode, later it will be added to the regular schedule of tournaments.

Basic game elements

  • Attack team camp. By default, when dying, the attacking team is resurrected here.
  • A golem that can be controlled. Deals great damage to the walls of the castle when attacking.
  • Explosive’s warehouse. One player can only carry 1 barrel. Explosives do a lot of damage to the walls of the castle. Respirates periodically.
  • Base of the castle defenders. The team is resurrected on the roof, from where there are portals to the 1st floor of the castle.
  • There are also castle teleportation tablets on the roof. Attention! You cannot get back to the castle if the walls are intact.
  • The castle is protected by walls that can be destroyed with explosives, a golem, or simple character damage.
  • On the first floor of the castle there are teleportation tablets through which the defense team can go outside.
  • Defenders can also climb down from the balcony by clicking on benches near the stairs. There are also flasks with a fiery liquid that can be thrown from the balcony. Flasks respawn periodically.
  • In the basement of the castle there is a room with additional supplies of explosives and ankh of resurrection. Attackers can capture the ankh to be resurrected there. Defenders can recapture the cross at any time by recapturing it.
  • There is a control stone on the second floor of the castle. The purpose of the defense is to defend the stone from being captured.
  • The game ends when the attackers seize control of the castle, or when the time allotted for the capture ends. In the first case, the attack wins, in the second – the defense. The remaining time timer is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Winners receive 2 Bronze Balls each. Losers 10.000 gold.


  • The cost of increase +1.0 Archery for balls has been changed and now is 2 Silver Balls, 500 PvP credits, 500k gold.
  • Added the ability to increase the Healing skill for balls to the TM Rewards stone. The cost is the same as for Archery. The maximum value is 105.0.
  • Hunter’s Bow damage bonus increased from 25 to 40%. Also, the damage of this bow is now independent of the distance (damage at any allowable distance is equal to damage from the optimal distance).
  • Increased Orcish Club speed and damage base. Critical chance increased from 10% to 30%. The duration of the effect is from 2-3 to 4-5 seconds.
  • Changed the damage of the explosion effect of Warchild weapons. Also, when calculating the damage of this effect, the level of the Magery and Magic Resistance skills is taken into account.
  • Removed the limitation on Holy Essence for paladins with red karma.
  • By popular demand, added the ability to pull the enemy to itself using the vampire sickle. CD for 2/3 level 60/45 seconds, respectively. In order for the sickle to pull, it must first be charged with a special item (Crystal of Teleportation). The charge is valid for 14 days.
  • Crystal of Teleportation can be crafted with Tinkering (requires 95.0 skill) from 20 undead’s blood and 1 magic crystal.
  • Tinker’s tools and magic crystal can be bought at Petrovich’s store.
  • Undead’s blood drops from the Lich and Lich Lord mobs (rare drop), as well as from the Moonglow Cemetery boss with a 100% chance. In addition, the reagent can be bought at the magician’s shop in cities for gold (stock is limited, periodically updated).
  • Serpent Bow and Spider Bow can be strengthened with Strong Bow String for 14 days. After 14 days, the effect disappears.
  • Blessing of Luck has been added to the BG points exchanger (COMMON section). Increases the character’s luck by 1/2/6 hours to choose from. The cost depends on the duration.
  • Added Enchant Weapon: Lesser Damage scroll available to 2nd level characters in Sunny shop. Allows you to increase the damage of your weapon by + 1-7 points. When upgrading a class weapon to level 3, the enchant is not transferred.
  • Lava damage in Survive arena reduced to 90-110 hp.
  • Fixed a bug due to which Acid Elemental did not leave loot.
  • The Spell Choker effect cannot be used in a safe area.
  • Moved Battle Cove from Newbie Arena to Dynamic Arena.