Revitalization of pvp zones
Now, if there are three or more people in cities and arenas, it will be announced to the whole world. If you and your company went to Occlo, for example, then people who are in other locations will find out about it 🙂

Added an automatic Prize Chest with a rabbit.

When a certain number of players are simultaneously in pvp cities and arenas, a chest will automatically appear, followed by a rabbit.

Also, we want to remind you that the conditions of the quest for pvp points at npc Nagibator have been changed. Now you need to fill only 100 pvp points in cities such as: Occlo and Vesper in order to complete the quest. The prizes for the quest have been revised (upwards): 1 quest coin, 7k gold, a chance for a bronze ball drop. Also, the Nagibator can be “donated” 10k, and for 1 hour it increases the gain of pvp points by 2 times. The bonus works in all PvP arenas

Dynamic arenas are now updated every 2 hours (instead of the previous four)