• Added new characteristics:
    • PvM Def – Monster damage protection bonus. For example, PvM Def 5% reduces incoming damage from monsters by 5%.
    • Cast Speed ​​- bonus to the speed of casting spells in seconds. For example, Speed ​​Cast +0.2 reduces the cast time by 0.2 seconds.
    • Attack Speed ​​- bonus to the speed of attacks with melee weapons, as well as the speed of bow shots in seconds. For example, Attack Speed ​​+0.2 reduces the swing time by 0.2 seconds.
    • PvM P.Crit – the chance of a critical hit / shot (damage + 75%) on monsters, in percentage
    • PvM M.Crit – the chance of critical damage (+ 75%) with spells against monsters, in percentage


  • Added new dungeon Despise
  • Added PvM points gain for killing monsters.


  • Added a system for calculating PvP and PvM player ratings. You can view TOP 10 in the game in the corresponding section of the Help menu. Later, it will be possible to see the full list of players in the rating table on the site.
  • Rating statistics are updated approximately once an hour.
  • PvP rating and kill / death statistics do not change while participating in tournaments and events such as Battle Ground.
  • At the end of each week (on the night from Sunday to Monday), ratings are automatically summed up and rewards are issued. Note, since this week is incomplete, we will start summing up in the weekend (starting from April 4). After the prizes are issued, the statistics in the rating table are reset to zero.
  • Awarded to the top 10 players, the reward will be delivered straight to your character’s bank.
  • Later, an additional system of rewards for 1-3 places will also be introduced, giving access to the purchase of items for PvM or PvP.
  • Reward for PvP and PvM ratings:
PvP – Gold150k100k75k50k40k30k25k20k15k10k
PvM – check for PvP credits and points50045040020018016014012010050

Newbie Dungeon

  • For beginners, added the ability to assemble a set of Hazmat Armor. Purchased from the magician Ovius for PvM points.
  • A newcomer is a character without a class, without a rank, with the number of PvP points below 1500.
  • Armor type – studded leather, protection class 65. Armor is not Newby.
  • Each piece of armor gives +2 bonus damage to monsters. A full set (6 pieces) gives an additional +3 bonus damage (total 15) and +10 protection against damage from monsters. The set also gives immunity to the Curse spell.


  • Gold drop rate in this dungeon is + 25%.
  • To enter the dungeon, you need to pay 200 PvM points. After that, payment for re-entry is not required within 1 hour. At the same time, being in the dungeon is not limited in time. The dungeon has 3 levels with increasing difficulty (level) of monsters.
  • There is also a resurrection cross in the dungeon, resurrection costs 75 PvM points. CD 15 minutes.
  • The first level of the dungeon contains The Forge of Ancestors forge, with which you can gain access to artifacts.
  • Rare items can fall from titans, cyclops, ettins, ogres and trolls – their books of knowledge: book of titan’s knowledge, book of cyclop’s knowledge and so on. Books are not newbies. Each of these books can be burned in the forge and receive a reward.
  • Books can be empowered with despise soul gem. Stones are not newbie. Ghosts spawn with some probability when killing any mob in the dungeon, except for cavemen.
  • Each stone enhances the book by 1% (except for the book of giants, more on it later). Can be boosted up to a maximum of 100%. Whether to strengthen the books before burning and by what percentage is up to you. Each + 1% enhancement gives a + 1% chance that when the book is burned, a rare mob will respawn. For example, a book reinforced by 20% gives a 20% chance to spawn a mob. If the mob summon was failed, then instead you will receive a treasure chest as a reward.
  • There is also a 6th type of books, or rather a collection of books of giant knowledge, which can be obtained by collecting all 5 books in a backpack and pressing 2 times. Burning such a book works in a similar way, but gives the opportunity to spawn the giant Ghost of Despise Giant.
  • books of giant knowledge are charged with soul stones not by 1%, but by 1 / 5th of this, that is, 0.2%. When combining books into a collection, if they were unloaded, then the charges are summed up and added to the collection in a ratio of 1/5.
  • The loot set for all 6 mobs is different.


  • Titan’s Dye, Cyclop’s Dye, Ettin’s Dye, Ogres’s Dye, Troll’s Dye drops from each of the 5 mobs that can be summoned with the help of the forge. The main mob drops Ancestors Dye.
  • Jewelry Box – a box with a randomly enchanted decoration. Drops from any of the 5 forge ghosts (except the giant’s ghost).
  • Titan’s Discharge ring. Conjure 5d. Gives +2.0 Magery and a special ability with CD 5 minutes – chain lightning, lightning damage increases by 10 with each next enemy hit (but not more than 110). the radius of damage is 10 cells. Deals damage to NPCs and players, except for friendly targets (guilds and group members, outside of BG and members of their team in BG). Drops from the Titan’s Ghost, as well as from the Giant’s Ghost.
  • Jingubang. Conjure 5d. A staff that constantly changes its impact speed from very fast to medium. When equipped, gives 25 AC, +5 strength. + 10% damage to monsters. Drops from the ghost of the Cyclops, as well as from the ghost of the giant.
  • Great Wall Shield. Conjure 5d. Reduces damage taken from ranged weapons by 50%, gives 60 AC. Drops from ettin’s ghost, as well as from the giant’s ghost.
  • Mace Maul of Gwyddawg. Conjure 5d. On hit, slows casting and attack speed by 25% for seconds. Drops from the ghost of the ogre, as well as from the ghost of the giant.
  • Armbands of Chaos Mage. Conjure 5d. Casting spells ignores the effect of the Magic Reflection spell (mirror, if active), but the caster takes 25% of the damage dealt. Drops from the ghost of a troll, as well as from the ghost of a giant.
  • A two-handed staff with Meat Chopper blades. Conjure 5d. On impact, deals an additional 30% to 60% damage to all enemies within a radius of 1 tile, except for friendly targets. Also, with equip it gives 25AC, + 25% monster dmg. Drops from the giant’s ghost.
  • Quick bow Giant’s Bow. Conjure 5d. Has a 15% chance to inflict crit, similar to a berserker’s ax. Also gives + 40% damage to mobs, damage does not depend on distance.
  • Thunder Mustang. Drops in the shrink from the giant’s ghost.

Jewelry Box

  • The box generates a random jewelery when you open one of the types: ring, bracelet, amulet, earrings.
  • Each type of jewelry has its own set of characteristics. When creating, one of the characteristics of the set is assigned, as well as its value at random.
  • Ring Stats Set: Dex / Int / Max HP / Max Mana / Max Stam / Max Weight / AC / PvM Def
  • A set of characteristics of bracelets: Max Stam (also regenerates stamina), Max Weight / PvM Dam
  • A set of characteristics of amulets: Max HP (+ regen), Max Mana (+ regen), Max Weight, PvM Dam
  • Earring stats set: Max Weight, Attack Speed, Cast Speed, PvM P.Crit, PvM M.Crit, PvM Defense
  • When the jewelry box is opened, it is linked to the owner.

Battle Ground

  • On the Battle Ground, instead of the TOP 5 of the winning team, the bonus Bronze Ball is now awarded to TOP 3 among the winning team and TOP 3 among the losing team.

Castle Defense

  • Now, when entering the territory of the castle, you are being dismounted from beetles.
  • Added a delay for the respawn of beetles – 45 seconds
  • The exit through the stairs in the attack camp opens after a 30 second countdown after the start of the tournament


  • Added 7 new daily quests.
  • Look for quest NPCs in and around Yew and Britain and the surrounding area.


  • Critical weapon effects of Amazons and Berserkers now affects NPCs
  • Added Level 2 Reward to Sunny Store: Enchant Weapon: Lesser Magic Power + 1-3 Margery
  • Bracelet of Mastery and Enchanted Bracelet for coins now also regenerate stamina
  • Added Despise dungeon to travel stone
  • Added display of PvM points to the player profile dialog