Battleground rewards update

  • Now beads for BG can be worn starting from the 2nd level of the class.
  • Updated prices for beads. Conjure 7d base cost in Bronze Balls, Credits and Gold has been reduced by 4 times. The duration of Conjure can be extended up to 14 days (in 1-day increments). For each additional day, the cost in BG points and BG marks increases, but the cost in balls, credits and gold remains base regardless of the period.
  • The cost of items from the Common section has also been reduced
  • Bear mounts from BGs have been removed from sale while rating BG rewards are being reworked
  • New rewards have been added to the Common BG section in the rewards: Jewelry Box
    • Bow of Switch
    • Fire Reflector
    • 3 colors to choose from. White as Light Armor, Black as Dark Armor and Red Bloody Dye.
  • Bracelet of Healing Mastery has been added to the High-Level BG rewards section, available for humans of rank 2+.
  • the description of the awards can be found in the game menu.


  • Now, when karma drops automatically, karma cannot fall below 8000 / rise above -8000.
  • With a karma value of 8000 / -8000, the cost of raising / lowering by 1k is equal to 1 Bronze Ball (before this value, the price is the same)
  • Strong Bow string cost per coin has been reduced.
  • Treasurer Swinton’s exchange rate has been changed. You can now buy 2 AP for 1 Bronze Balls. Let me remind you that the treasurer is at the entrance to the castle of Lord British in Britain.
  • Added the Forest Ostard spawn to the world.
  • The spawning time of the top animals has been increased.