Shatter Crystal

  • A new item, Shatter Crystal, has been added, with which you can break any Conjured item, obtaining a certain amount of fortifying powder.
  • With the help of fortifying powder, you can strengthen any Conjured item, adding its lifespan by 1 day. To do this, click 2 times on the fortifying powder and point to the item. The cost of the enhancement depends on the item.
  • Each item can only be enhanced once. You cannot enhance useless items.
  • Shatter Crystal has 30 charges, when used, 1 charge is consumed, when the charges are depleted, the crystal disappears.
  • Shatter Crystal can be crafted with Tinkering skill (100.0), Magic Crystal (sold at Petrovich’s shop) and 20 cyclop eyes.
  • cyclop eyes drop from Cyclop and Cyclop King in Despise. The drop chance depends on the level of the monster, from elite monsters the chance is 4 times higher.


  • Drunk Master – instead of reflecting a spell, it gives a chance to resist a spell, the chance is reduced from 12 to 8%
  • When calculating PvP points, if less than 25 hp of damage was done, then this kill is not taken into account in the calculation of the player’s PvP rating
  • Battle Camps: if you joined the battle after the start of the tournament, then in order to get Bronze Balls, if your team wins, you need to either score 5 kills, or inflict 2500 damage to the walls, or inflict 2500 to the boss. Previously, the condition was only 5 kills.
  • Reduced the cost of the morph in class level 1, as well as the entry into the Elite Human School.
  • The price of Magic Crystal in Petrovich’s shop has been changed.