Updated files for the game

  • Updated map files for the game (arena for class tournament). Please download it to everyone. Those who downloaded the update from the website or through the Orion client starting from the 28th do not need to download it again.
  • The link to the map files in a separate archive is here.

Newbie and Young

  • A character is considered a Newbie if he has less than 40 Class Points and 5000 PvP points.
  • A character is considered Young if he has less than 5000 PvP points, regardless of the number of CP.
  • Access to the Newbie Dungeon is open to all Newbie characters.
  • Added Jazzy Platemail and Jazzy Ringmail armor (light armor, bonuses similar to Leather). Armor Class 66 for platemail and 48 for ringmail. Jazzy armor bonus: each part gives +2 max hits, a full set (any 5 items) protects against a one-time damage above 100 hp. Can only be worn by Young characters.
  • Removed Frost and Meteorit armor from Armor Stone.
  • Added a new daily quest available only to Young characters. The quest starts at an NPC near Minoс Mine. For completing the quest, you can get 1 coin and 100 PvP points and credits.

Sunny shop

  • Upgrade Deeds have been added to the prize store for quest coins, which allow you to upgrade 1st level class items to 2nd level
  • In order to use the scroll, it is necessary to improve the class item of the 1st level to the 2nd level in the usual way – with the help of the Prize Stone. If the upgrade deed is in your backpack, then credits and gold will not be written off, instead the scroll itself will be used.


  • the berserker’s skirt does not protect against being cast by the Clumsy / Weaken spell
  • fixed an issue with the passive ability Double Shot triggering on the move
  • fixed an issue where the Castle Defense golem could not enter the castle
  • reduced weight of battle mark and fortifying powder to 0 (before restarting the server, the weight of items in the backpack may be displayed incorrectly)