Our pumpkin will transform into a magic carriage at 23:59 ASAP, and we are happy to inform you of our changes.

  • Fixed War mode, which was automatically turned on with any negative spell.
  • Fixed the swing of the first hit, which made it very difficult for all melee classes to play.
  • Added new pvm entertainment “Crystals” that spawn all over the world.
  • Added a new Morph Tournament event.
  • Added new artifacts.
  • Introduced several types of mounts from the taming table.
  • Added garlic to protect you from cunning vampires
  • Added charms for weapons that can be hung over the current enchants

For adventure lovers, a new pvm entertainment “Crystals” has been added. They can be found running around the world. Number of respawn points: 300+. There are 5 levels of crystals in total. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to guard, and the higher the chance of finding unique treasures in the chest. After killing the last mob, the crystal detonates and leaves a chest with lost treasures. Starting at the second level, there is a chance of a random mount spawning.


5th level of the crystal. Opening cost: 100 credits. After opening, mobs of 5th level begin to spawn.

4th level of the crystal. Opening cost: 60 credits. After opening, level 4 mobs start spawning.

3rd level of the crystal. Opening cost: 40 credits. After opening, mobs of the 3rd level begin to spawn.

2nd level of the crystal. Opening cost: 20 credits. After opening, level 2 mobs start spawning.

1 crystal level. Opening cost: 10 credits. After opening, mobs of the 1st level begin to spawn.

Morph Tournament.

In fact, it’s Survive tournament that’s familiar to everyone, but with several differences:

The portal will not let you through with artifacts and quest items. Also, you need to lay out quest coins and BG marks. At the tournament, all things and resources are given out. The event is held 2×2 and 3×3 according to the systems: the one, the next, grand style. For each victory, each participant receives 1 bronze ball.

New artifacts have been added to the world.

You can only get them in the crystal chest.

  • Skorostrel. Bow. Damage 20-40. Haste 1. On a critical shot, it drains 10 mana from an opponent, restoring health to itself. Conj 5D. Cannot be worn by: Amazons, Vampires, Humans.
  • Apron of Down. Adds a chance to burn all the opponent’s stamina. With a double click, an ability is activated that immobilizes the opponent for 1.5-2 seconds. CD: 2 min. Gives 7 AC. Conj 5D
  • Catch me if you can. Cloak. Adds 10 HP. When double-clicked, it creates an obstacle in the form of a paralyze field, allowing you to escape from the battlefield. Conjure 5D
  • Madman’s Slingshot. Light crossbow. Damage: 65-95. Speed: 5.5. Adds 20% dmg pvm. A small chance to hang a living bomb, which, when exploded, will take away 80 HP from the enemy, as well as 40 HP from nearby players. Cannot equip: Amazons, Vampires, Humans. Conjure 5D
  • Piercing Spire. A strange spear. Damage 50-90. Speed ​​7. With a critical hit there is a chance to inflict lacerations, as well as knock down from the transport. Conjure 5D
  • Paints
  • Home decor.

The following mounts have been introduced to the world: Navaho Ostard, Demonic Ostard, Shadow Mustang, Marsala Steed. Can respawn when opening a treasure chest.

  • Piece of Garlic. Garlic that will 100% protect you from LD
  • Charms. Charms that can be inserted into your weapon. Overlays on top of existing enchants. Charm pvm: adds 1 to 20 damage. Charm pvp: adds 1 to 5 damage. All the charms have charges, from 30 to 50. It is impossible to superimpose charms on each other.