Ded Moroz

  • Ded Moroz is visiting Nujel’m From December 29 2021 till January 3 2022 and everyone can get his holiday present. Happy New Year!

PvM Crystals

  • You can activate crystals using PvP credits as well as PvM pints (with 1 to 20 ratio).
  • Fixed an issue with mounts drop from crystal (they were dropped in shrink but useless after 1 ride). Now mounts are dropped as Mount Map. Having a Mount Map with you, you can activate mount spawn and tame it in case you got enough Animal Taming and Animal Lore skill. For convenience, when clicking on a mount map, you can see a notice in case you lack skill.
  • Weapon charm can be used with any weapon (except conjured), and not only with class weapon bound to the character.
  • Fixed an issue with PvP charms consuming charges when hitting NPC and vice versa.
  • PvM weapon charm gives 10 to 20% PvM Damage and has 1200-1500 charges. PvP weapon charm gives 5 to 10% PvP Damage and has 150-200 charges. A change is consumed on each hit.


  • Added snowflake drop to PvM crystals loot. 5 snowflakes per each crystal level
  • Increased snowflake drop chance in PvP from 10% to 20%
  • Increased snowflake drop chance in PvM (2% per each 300hp for a monster)
  • Added snowflake drop to summoned Despise ghosts
  • Tuned mount prices in Snowy’s shop
  • New Year mounts have 50 charges (rechargeable with mount recharger as regular newbie mounts)


  • You can return only one class item of each type after remorph
  • Bloody bandages and empty bottles are now also deleted on stock equipment disposal
  • Fixed an issue with Death Knight Xaloth did not have loot restriction to max damage dealer