Play Time Rewards

  • The Playtime Rewards section is available again. All except the Elder’s reward, which will be introduced later.
  • Elder’s playing time reward: Senior Cape – cloak + 3.0% PvM damage, 3 colors to choose from.
  • Adept’s playing time reward: Adept Cape – cloak + 5.0% PvM damage, 3 colors to choose from.
  • Veteran’s playing time reward: Veteran Cape – cloak + 7.0% PvM damage, + 5% gold drop, your choice of 3 colors.
  • Resident’s playing time reward – Book of Mastery. Allows you to increase any craft skill by +3.0 points, including those that are pumped by NPCs above 100.0. Disappears after use.

Dynamic spawn system

  • Introduced a dynamic spawn system for mounts around the world
  • Mounts that you can tame will spawn at random points in the game world at regular intervals.
  • The following animals have been added to the spawn: Abbie (also available from level 1 maps), Bounty, Shelby, Lunar, Flame, Sky, Sapphire, Marrs Green. The rest will only be available in mount maps and special locations.
  • The respawn time information will appear later in the Animal Taming table.

Nagibator collects donations

  • NPC Nagibator accepts donations of gold from players. When the required amount is reached (10.000 at the moment) – it activates a global PvP bonus, which increases x2 gain of PvP points and credits for everyone
  • The bonus is valid for 1 hour and only in PvP arenas. CD for reactivation Donations are cumulative from all players.
  • To make a donation say “donate”, to see statistics say “stats” or “statistics”.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • During Battle Ground: Serpent’s Hold, when the team has 0 lives left, ghosts can exit the battlefield using the .bg_exit command. In this case, there will be no penalty for participation. Also, upon exiting in this case, the player receives 1 BG mark for a loss.
  • Young’s weapons can now be used by classless characters and 1st level morphs.
  • Young’s weapon gives +3.0 combat skill and + 10% shas for getting additional credit in PvP. Weapons can be obtained from level 1 treasure maps, as well as in the drop of some NPCs.
  • Updated loot Milkovich on the quest “Finding Frank”.
  • NPCs in Newbie Town now tell you when you have completed all available quests and offer to exit with Bernard’s help.
  • Updated (lowered) Animal Lore skill requirements for taming some animals.
  • Fixed a bug with re-activating the daily quest “Finding Frank”. For those whose quest is not updated the next day (server time) – contact for help via the GM page.