• Reduced damage / speed of starting level 1 monsters in Newbie Dungeon
  • Reduced Pestilence passive HP regeneration by 2 times
  • Gold drop from Cave Dragon increased by 2 times
  • Gold drop from all bosses is doubled
  • Added Corruption Dye to Death Priest Immaril loot

Stables Master

  • Shrink and Magic Bowl of Carrots (mount recharger +8) can now be bought in stables.
  • If you Shrink a living creature right after you’ve tamed it, then it won’t link and can be transferred to other players. The potion is not a newbie.
  • Magic Bowl of Carrots allows you to refresh the charges on your living creatures. At the same time, the maximum number of charges is reduced by 3 (for PP by 2) points with each charge.


  • If you get stuck, the .home command can be used. It now works for live characters as well. Moves to the market after 60 seconds, during this time the character is immobilized.
  • Event portals that require your character to be without items now offer to move all items to the bank.