Dynamic random loot system

  • a dynamic system of random loot has been introduced, now the level is displayed from all ordinary mobs and there is no ban on drop loot (like in Guild Capture guards, for example), random loot may drop
  • the chance of a drop depends on the level of the mob, as well as on the characteristics of the character’s luck (increases with the help of some things)
  • the set of loot for the dynamic drop will be regularly updated
  • theoretically, even from an ordinary rat of the 1st level something can fall (and even something very good), but with a much greater chance than, for example, from an elite monster of the 5th level
  • loot depends on the type of monster: normal (melee / ranged fighter), mage and undead mage.
  • for example, you can get scrolls for Necromancer spells from any undead mage (in addition to the old drop on Moonglow Cemetery)

Mark and Recall

  • Added the Mark and Recall spell scrolls to the dynamic drop. Mark’s spell is much rarer.
  • you can use these spells everywhere except PvP arenas and events
  • Mark doesn’t work in dungeons either, but Recall does. However, the casting speed in dungeons is 4 times longer than usual
  • simple runes appeared in the tool store on sale, they can also be knocked out of any mob
  • simple runes cannot be recharged, maximum 10 charges.

Populating the world

  • We continue to work on populating the world with monsters – the ruins, orc forts and other interesting places are inhabited.

Rookie Dungeon

  • The magician Ovious, who is at the entrance to the dungeon, came to the aid of the newcomers.
  • Added daily quest “Cave Dragon”, which can be obtained from the mage. The reward for completing the quest for the first time is 1500 gold and the Drake Beach artifact (created, 3d).
  • For re-completing the quest – only 1500 gold.
  • The quest is a group quest and is counted by all living members of your group who were nearby
  • Drake’s Bane is a bow that gives + 20% damage to monsters, as well as + 20% to dragons.
  • Ovius sells temporary blessings for 20 minutes. Upon exiting the dungeon and upon death, the blessing is reduced. When buying a blessing, the previous active one falls away.
  • Blessing of Protection gives +40 Defense
  • Blessing of Might gives + 20% damage to monsters
  • Blessing of Luck gives +10 luck
  • Also, if you have exhausted all attempts to pass through the dungeon portal, Ovius will help you, but not for free 🙂
  • The portal to the second level of the dungeon opens when the Cave Dragon dies. While the dragon is alive, the portal is closed.

Play Time Rewards

  • The Elder’s awards have been added to the Games section
  • Elder Cape, one of three colors to choose from. The properties are the same as the Veteran Cloak and approximately +10 Luck stats.


  • when using the .home command, when your character is alive, the teleportation and immobilization effect can be interrupted by switching the war mode (tab), the action is also interrupted when taking damage
  • now you get points for killing guildmates during tournaments and battles on BG. However, bonuses / penalties for guild wars do not work during these events
  • Smithy and Tools Shop accept diamonds instead of credits, prices are updated at + -.