PvM balance

  • The speed / damage of all Newbie Dungeon monsters has been revised, now the monsters are significantly weaker.

The boss’s passive HP regen is lowered. Chances of drop in boss loot have been changed, now the probability that something other than gold will drop fall is higher

The chance to drop a key to the boss, as well as other loot in Ratman King, is significantly increased

The Cave Dragon is now elite and has much more HP, but has become weaker.

  • The chance to drop Shadow Cape and other loot from the elite Ratman Lord, Ratman Archer, Ratman Assassin has been significantly increased, however, elite mobs are quite rare, they spawn randomly with a low probability
  • The gold drop formula has been updated and now depends on the level of the monster, the higher the level, the more the bonus amount of gold

The formula for calculating the probability of random dynamic loot has been changed, the probability of a drop has increased