• The chance to drop droppable items on death has been reduced from 20% to 10%.
  • The amount of durability taken from destructable items when the owner dies has been reduced from 5% to 1-2%. When the level of durability reaches a critical value, a corresponding signature will appear on the item. When the durability level reaches 0, the item will completely collapse.
  • For beginners and those who have forgotten, let me remind you – to find out if a thing is newbie, not newbie, destructible, with a chance to drop on death, you can find out using the Item Identification skills.
  • Conjured items are always indestructible. As a rule, they are named and are linked when the item from the Conjure scroll is summed. They have a limited lifespan, usually 3d, 5d, or 14d.
  • Common / Rare loot items are mostly droppable and destructable.
  • In the future, artifacts are possible, which can be either Conjured or Common / Rare depending on how they were mined.

Added new artifacts:

  • Pirate’s Best Friend – a pirate saber, has a 20% chance to inflict increased critical hit damage. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Hobbit’s Eye Gouger is a lightweight dagger with high speed. Has a 10% chance to blind the target for 4-5 seconds, causing it to miss on melee and archery hits. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Staff of the Magi staff, gives +10 intelligence, +5.0 Magery skill. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Archer’s Crags – gloves that increase the speed of archery by 10%. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Fighter’s Gloves – gloves that increase the attack speed of melee weapons by 10%. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Wand of Magicka – a wand that increases your casting speed by 10%. Properties: common, droppable, destructable.
  • Orcish Club – an orc club, has a 10% chance to cause a concussion, which does not allow casting spells for 2-3 seconds. Properties: conjured (5d).
  • Pauldrons of Orcish Lord – shoulder pads with a high class of protection, allow you to parry arrows with a 20% chance, also double the glory gain from monsters. Properties: rare, droppable, destructable.
  • Jewish Jewelry – a set of jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings). Each item gives a + 3% bonus on gold drop, when wearing a full set, it gives an additional + 3% bonus on gold drop (i.e. + 15% in total), as well as + 5% luck. Properties: conjured (5d).
  • Dim Ring of Might – a ring that gives strength, when created, it randomly receives a bonus from +1 to +3 strength, and if very, very lucky, +6 strength. Properties: conjured (5d).
  • Ring of Might – similar to the previous one, but gives from +3 to +6 strength, and if (very, very 🙂 lucky +10 strength.


  • In the orc camp near the city of Cove, a boss has appeared – the famous, among his fans, orc musician Hammerpick and his inseparable bodyguard.
  • Attention! 🙂 The boss has unusual special abilities, like his bodyguard. It is recommended to go in a group of 4-5 people.
  • The boss appears when enough Orcs die to gain a total of 60k health. Current progress can be viewed on the skull shield. Gradually, the amount of accumulated health decreases.
  • CD to challenge the boss 8 hours
  • In the boss loot, you can find Orcish Club, Pauldrons of Orcish Lord, a random decoration from the Jewish Jewelry set, Ring of Might, Orcish Dye paint tube, Book of Knowledge (which allows you to increase the Swordsmanship, Macefighting or Parrying skill by +1.0 – the skill is assigned randomly way when creating a book), as well as just a chest with orc treasures.
  • Let me remind you that the Book of Knowledge, unlike the Skill Book, is not linked, it can be transferred to other players.
  • I also remind you that BoK drops by +1.0 Tactics / Evaluating Intelligence in Moonglow Cemetery. And in Battle Camp BoK drops by +2.0 Tactics / Swordsmanship.

Dynamic World Loot

  • Updated list of items in dynamic loot level 5 loot: Jewish Jewelry, Pirate’s Best Friend, Hobbit’s Eye Gouger, Staff of the Magi, Archer’s Crags, Fighter’s Gloves, Wand of Magicka
  • Let me remind you that level 5 loot can also drop from level 1 monsters, it’s just that the chance is much lower than from level 5 monsters.


  • No charges are removed from mounts in the Nujel’m when dismounting.