Detecting Hidden

  • rewritten default skill Detecting Hidden
  • detection radius depends on your skill, base – 8 tiles, for every 2.0 skill point, the radius increases by 1 tile
  • the chance of detecting a character (monster or player) depends on your Detecting Hidden level and their Hiding level. If the enemy’s Hiding skill is 5.0 points or more higher than your Detecting Hidden skill, then the chance of detection is 50%, otherwise – 100%


  • Shadow Cape drop has been added to the Pestilence boss loot, in addition to the existing drop from the elite Ratman Assassin, Ratman Archer and Ratman Lord.
  • also added Book of Knowledge for 1.0 skill Detecting Hidden, Hiding or Stealth to the boss drop Pestilence.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The map on the Battlefield is automatically updated after opening with the .map command.
  • Unfortunately, unlike Orion, the standard client does not remember the location of the dialogues in the game; for the standard client, the map will be reopened in a fixed location (I tried to remove it to the right so as not to interfere with the view).
  • If you re-leave the Battlefield using the .bg_exit or AFK command within 12 hours (after the first exit), then you will be banned from visiting the Battlefield for 24 hours. At the first exit, everything is the same as before – a ban on visits for 1 hour.
  • Fixed an ancient bug with the fact that with the skill Archery 105.3+, the shot speed slows down by 0.4 seconds.