Hello everyone. List of updates since the opening, some of them have been introduced into the game in the last three days, you may already be familiar with them.

Newbie Dungeon:

  • Added Royal Jelly to Slime and Giant Slime drops.
    • common type; not newbie
    • when used, it hangs a buff for 15 minutes, which replenishes all stats by several points every 2 seconds. After the effect ends, there is a 10-minute reuse delay.
    • the effect wears off upon death –
    • the effect only works in dungeons
  • The Kryss of Cruel Death artifact has been added to the dungeon boss drop.
    • A dagger with a chance to inflict crit, at which the victim’s maximum health decreases by 3 points every second.
    • Effect lasts 10 seconds. Disappears upon death or with the help of the Dispel spell (but only after 5+ seconds of the effect).
  • Added level 1 rare mounts (Abbie animals) to the dungeon boss drop. The cards are not newbies.
  • Added a Pestilence Dye paint tube to the boss drop.
  • Added a Royal Dye paint tube to the Ratman King drop.
  • Added the Shadow Cape artifact to the drop of elite Ratman Lords. Grants +5 Hiding skill and +10 Stealth skill.
  • Some monsters drop Skill Book (+1 SP). Newbie, bind to the master with loot.
  • Some monsters drop level 1 treasure maps. The cards are not newbies.
  • The quest bottle Frank’s Big Bottle has been added to the drop of most mobs.


  • Pickaxe cost in Tools Shop reduced to 10 credits and 500 gold. Let me remind you that the pick is not Newbie.
  • Temporarily disabled the requirement for PvP points to enter auto tournaments (The One, The Next, GT)
  • Temporarily removed the requirement for 500 PvP points from the “Rich Bob” quest.
  • Increased rate of gold drop from monsters
  • Included gain of PvP points and credits during Battle Ground. Also, for a victory they give an additional 30 PvP points and credits.