Updating the server version

Hello everyone!

Today we have two good news.

Firstly, we have finished working on updating the version of the Sphere. Most of the problems found have been resolved, the rest will be fixed shortly. I would like to thank all the players who took an active part in testing. Especially from me personally, Shai Tan, HEY WHA HAPPEN ?, Nike, Denise, No0b and W1tch. Thanks!

Secondly, a new developer, Dev Bravo, has joined our team, which will speed up the work on updates.

The team is currently actively working on the October update. In the coming days, we will talk about what we are working on now. I’ll start with a small change to the enchant system.

As it was: if you were unlucky and the enchant was superimposed with a small value, for example +4 out of +10 possible. You can remove the enchant and reapply it. In this case, luck may turn away the second time, and you will find yourself with enchant +2.

How it became: if you already have an enchant, for example +4, you can reapply an enchant of the same type, and the value will increase by +1. And so, several times up to the maximum value. However, there is a chance that at the next attempt, the enchant will fail and dissipate completely. The higher the current value, the less chance of success. To take risks or not is up to you.