We continue the list of updates

Newbie Town

  • Changed the starter pack for new players that is given upon exiting Newbie Town.
  • Now it is issued regardless of the completion of quests.
  • Robe of Archmage, which is awarded for completing the last quest, has been replaced with Hat of Archmage.

PvP quest of Nagibator

  • The conditions for receiving a reward for the Nagibator quest have been changed. Now only PvP points are required, no time limit, also works in the city of Serpent’s Hold. Battleground victories are no longer required.

Death Knight Xaloth

  • As I wrote earlier, the necromancer knight appears in the world on a timer (at the moment CD is from 2 to 6 hours randomly, but this may change) with a notification to the whole world. Spawns in one of 4 cemeteries: Yew, Vesper, Britain, Cove.
  • Boss Special Abilities:
    • periodically applies Bone Armor to himself
    • casts the Leech Energy spell, similar to the players’ necro-spell.
    • can pull a random player to itself
    • when health drops to 20%, enters Berserk mode, dealing 25% more damage, but also taking 10% more damage
    • has a powerful health regen if there are undead NPCs nearby.
  • Loot in descending order of drop chance:
    • Book of Knowledge: Necromancy
    • Book of Knowledge: Fencing
    • Cursed ribbon
    • Dark Knight Boots
    • Lich Robe
    • Corpse Hide Scroll
    • cursed backpack paint
    • cursed hair dye
    • Dark Knight Leggings
    • Summon: Stamina Drain Crystal
    • Dead wall
    • Conjure: Black Hand
    • cursed paint for clothes
    • cursed shield paint
    • cursed mount dye
    • Undead Horse
  • We will tell you more about the properties of new artifacts in the section Library -> Items on the site later.
  • In addition to the main loot, there is a 5% chance to drop the Skull of Xaloth, which can be handed over for a reward in the vicinity of the city of Moonglow, or left as a keepsake.
  • The skull is not linkable and can be traded / sold.
  • Please note that the skull is not a Newby


  • Let me remind you that you can see the properties of an item, in particular whether it is a newbie, using the Item Identification skill. Improved dialogue with information is now always displayed (previously – only at 100.0 skill).