Dear players, hello everyone! We are glad to announce the opening of a new game server PvP Quest World!

Based on the scripts and the world of the original PvP Alfa at the time of January 22, 2011, when I was still working on the project. Almost 10 years have passed, and during this time a lot has changed. I would like to thank the PvP Alfa Administrators in all its variations and deviations for keeping the game interesting over the years.

We start on a new page, but with a familiar world. The concept of the new game world goes beyond the usual PvP arena and assumes, in addition to fun in PvP battles and various events, the development of craft and PvM component of the gameplay.

There are a lot of ideas and pans, including old ones that were not implemented in due time. Luckily, Andrew has put together an intelligent team to help make these ideas even better. Many of them played the original Alpha, and some were in its staff. I personally accepted Andrew himself into the staff back in 2009. Also in the development team is Ozzy, the same Ozzy Osbourne with UoKit, the founder of the Forest Wars server.

So, we will introduce all the ideas gradually, at the moment the game world is not yet ready for a full-fledged game outside the PvP arenas, so we are opening in the beta test mode. No wipe is planned at the end, but various bugs and micro rollbacks are not excluded, as in any test. Regular updates await you during the beta. And if you yourself have interesting suggestions; we are always happy to hear them in our Discord channel.

We will be glad to see everyone on our server! Especially the veterans of Ultima Online. If you played PvP Alfa before 2011 and remember your account details (a combination of username / password or username / e-mail), then when creating a character until the end of next week (01/24 inclusive), you will receive a nice gift.

In the next news item, we will tell you about the changelog regarding where we left off in 2011.